Graham Smith (swimmer)

Donald Graham Smith ( born May 9, 1958 in Edmonton, Alberta) is a former Canadian swimmer and one of the most successful swimmers in this country. In 1976 he won at the Olympic Games in Montreal in the relay 4 x 100 meters silver medal and ventured into the world's best. A year later he was able to secure victories in both breaststroke at the Summer Universiade in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Smith's successful career moments undoubtedly attributable to August 1978. Initially he took up in his hometown of Edmonton at the Commonwealth Games and was able there to win six gold medals. He was the first athlete ever to have managed this. A few days later he chose in West Berlin during the World Swimming Championships for the world champion 's 200m individual medley and 100m breaststroke reached the second place.

In 1986 they took Donald Graham Smith, who was enrolled at the University of California at Berkeley, and numerous national championships won, on into the receptacle located in Toronto Canada 's Sports Hall of Fame. His brother George ( b. 1949 ) also swam.

International Records

Smith held in the 1970s, twice the world record for the 200 meters individual medley. The first record he set in Kansas City and the second in The Woodlands.

  • August 23, 1975 - August 4, 1977: 2:05,31 min
  • August 2, 1978 - August 24, 1978: 2:03,56 min