Seen from the north side of the Guffert blue ridge from

The Guffert from the southwest ( from the front Useless )

Gesehenbdep2 west summit from the main summit

The " unfriendly " west side of Guffertbdep3


The Guffert is a 2194 m above sea level. A. high, isolated, towering limestone massif in the Brandenberg Alps ( Rofan ), which forms a double top, together with the Guffertstein. It lies north of Steinberg am Achensee in Tyrol. As he towers, located at the north Mangfallgebirge to over 300 meters, is the distinctive twin peaks of the foothills of the Alps, to recognize the Tegernsee and the Bavarian Alps well.

The Guffert is a much-visited mountain and can be overcome in one day tour. From the village of Stone Mountain to the summit is about 1200 meters and about three hours' walk to quote. The summit climb from the south is steep, exposed to the sun and rocky at the top. Beautiful is the rise of the north side, which is secured to a critical point well with wire ropes and steel steps. There, the walking time is (because of the circumnavigation of the base clockwise) for almost four hours. For experienced climbers of Guffert is a very rewarding tour.

From the summit the views of the Bavarian Alps, the Rofangebirge, weather and Karwendel mountain ranges extends into the eastern Central Alps between the Stubai Alps and Hohe Tauern mountains and the Kaiser mountains in the east.

After the mountain is the north of the mountain, beyond the Schneidjochs, located Gufferthütte (formerly Ludwig- Aschenbrenner - hut) named.

Guffert seen from Munich

Northwest side of the Guffert