Gulfstream G550

The Gulfstream G500 Gulfstream G550 and the slightly heavier of Gulfstream Aerospace business aircraft are twin-engine very long range.


The G500 and G550 aircraft are the successor models of the Gulfstream V and were developed simultaneously, the G500 is a variant with less range and simpler equipment. The development of the G550 began in 1999 as a cockpit - improvement project and ended in a complete overhaul of the aircraft to GV- SP ( Special Performance). The first flight of the prototype T1 with John O'Meara, Tom Horne and Bill Osborne on board took place on 31 August 2001 and the first production aircraft in July 2002. During this year the renaming was done for G550/G500. The approval of G550 by the FAA on 14 August 2003 the. G500 on 8 December 2003. The first G550 was delivered the first G500 in May 2004 in September 2003


The G500 has a digital Honeywell Epic avionics system with several multi-function displays in the cockpit, including four 14 - inch screens as PFD / ND and for other main displays for both pilots.

An external feature of this new aircraft family is the extended hull with now seven windows on each side as well as the EVS camera on the nose bottom edge of the fuselage in the G550. In the cabin, find a maximum of 19 passengers place, but normally 13

Special designs

Atmospheric research

The G550 also provides the basis for the atmospheric research aircraft HALO.


The notified by the Israeli Air Force as Aitam variant is an airspace surveillance and control aircraft ( AWACS ) and is referred to as " Conformal Airborne Early Warning" ( CAEW ) since its AESA radar antennas not enthroned as a separate plate on the hull, but aerodynamically the hull are grown along. The G550 is a CAEW of Israel Aerospace Industries ( IAI) with the radar system Elta EL/W-2085, satellite communication systems, four large antennas with electronic beam steering and operator stations for six persons equipped version. The Aitam launched on 20 May 2006 for its maiden flight in February 2008 and is in the service of the Israeli Air Force ( five machines); Since February 2009, she is also at the service of the Luftwaffe Singapore ( four machines); the Italian air forces will be the third user (two machines).


For fault of enemy radio communications, the Israeli Air Force has an unknown number of G550 equipped with Funkstörgeräten and named this SEMA (Special Electronic Missions Aircraft).

C- 37A

The USAF has since 1998 on nine Gulfstream V or G550 with the designation C- 37A. These serve as VIP People Carrier for Joint Chiefs of Staff United States Air Force ( USAF). Thus, a five -man crew is responsible for the transport of 12 persons. For this purpose, the C-37 are equipped with a system that has the secure communication of image, sound and data via radio and satellite. The machines are on four squadrons at Andrews Air Force Base ( AFB ), MacDill AFB (both USA ) and Hickham distributed in Hawaii and AB de Croy in Belgium.

C -37B

Based on the C -37, all four U.S. armed services have decided on a Verbindungsjet for their bar staff. So since 2007 the USAF have a C -37B, the U.S. Navy and the Army three via a C -37B.