Grumman Gulfstream I

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The Gulfstream I is a twin-engine turboprop business aircraft manufacturer Grumman. The internal type number was G- 159th


1956 Grumman began developing a twin-engine turboprop business aircraft. The aircraft should be able to carry 10 to 14 people. Alternatively, could also be carried up to 24 passengers. The Gulfstream I was constructed as a conventional low-wing aircraft with a pressurized cabin and retractable nose wheel undercarriage. As drive two Rolls- Royce Dart turboprop engines were used.

The first prototype flew on 14 August 1958 delivery began in June 1959. 1969, the production in favor of the Gulfstream II was discontinued.


  • Gulfstream I: This was the standard version from which a total of 200 aircraft were built.
  • Gulfstream IC: conversions of older Gulfstream I. These aircraft were given a longer by 3.25 m Hull to transport a total of 38 passengers. Between 1979 and 1980 created five copies.
  • TC -4C Academe: version for the U.S. Navy and the U.S. Marine Corps for the training of navigators / bombardiers for the A- 6 Intruder. This version can be recognized by their pear-shaped Bugradom. From this version, nine aircraft were built.
  • VC -4C: VIP transport aircraft for the U.S. Coast Guard. Were delivered two copies.

Military user

  • United States Army - The United States Army Corps of Engineers had a Gulfstream I with civilian color scheme and civil registration 1961-1981 in use. The U.S. Army itself had at least a Gulfstream I in use, which was confiscated from drug dealers.
  • United States Coast Guard
  • United States Navy
  • United States Marines