Cessna 404 Titan

The Cessna 404 Titan is a ten -seat passenger, commercial and cargo aircraft of the Cessna Aircraft Company.

History and Development

The Cessna 404 was developed as ( 91 cm) stretched version of the Cessna 402B out. The prototype made ​​its maiden flight on 26 February 1975, the delivery started in October 1976. A characteristic of the type is the Cessna machines new horizontal stabilizer with positive dihedral. The machine is powered by two turbo-charged engines of the type GTSIO -520 -M. It is considered a very versatile and relatively robust, but not exactly low-noise aircraft.

Initially, there was a version called Ambassador with interiors for business and the titanium Courier with up to ten seats for the freight and passenger service. By the year 1982, the offer was increased to seven versions. Up to the date of expiry of the production in the same year a total of 378 machines of the type were sold.

Military user

  • Royal Hong Kong Auxiliary Air Force
  • Mexican Navy
  • United States Navy (C- 28A)


Each with 276 kW