Cessna Citation X

The Cessna Citation X ( spoken: Citation Ten) is a twin-engine business aircraft of the U.S. manufacturer Cessna. It belongs to the family of aircraft of the Citation and was associated with a cruise speed of over 970 km / h for about ten years the fastest business jet in the world.

History and Development

The Citation X Cessna wanted to improve the image of the Citation family. In the 1970s, the Jets had been regarded as practical, worsened their image but quickly by the fact that the rate was a lot lower than the competitor Learjet. Cessna had some difficulties to overcome this, despite the fact that the speed of the Citation jets has been adapted to the competition.

The Cessna Citation X (also Cessna 750 ) was presented for the first time in October 1990 in New Orleans. The planned admission should be made in November 1995, but was postponed several times due to technical problems. The biggest problem was the merging of the avionics and engines to the rest of the aircraft. For this, the instability of the engines came with a bird strike. Since the maximum take-off mass of 800 pounds (about 363 kg ) should be increased again, the approval was delayed again until April 1996. This change should bring about a lasting payload of 1,400 pounds (about 635 kg ), what a load of about seven passengers corresponds. The final approval then took place on 3 June 1996. The first copy was delivered to the American professional golfer Arnold Palmer, a long-time Cessna customer in June 1996. The design team won the Collier Trophy in the same year.

On 22 May 1998, the Citation X was then approved for Canada, one year later, the approval of the European aviation authorities followed. In October 2000, Cessna announced an upgrade that came on 1 January 2002 on the market. This revised version features primarily through improved avionics, a five percent increase in thrust and a renewed increase in the take-off weight.

The Citation X was after the retirement of Concorde, the fastest civilian aircraft in the world built in series, to Gulfstream as part of the approval of the new pattern Gulfstream G650 reached a speed of Mach 0.995. The Citation Ten will again be the fastest business jet.

Citation Ten

On 18 October 2010 Cessna announced in Atlanta, the Citation X to modernize one more time. The hull is about 15 inches ( about 38 centimeters) be stretched, winglets are fitted as standard and the still existing analog displays will be largely replaced by the displays of the Garmin 5000 with touch screens. Due to the shear stronger and more fuel-efficient Rolls- Royce AE 3007C2 with a new fan, the machine should also reach a longer range and better climbing performance. According to Cessna, the range should increase by almost 400 km and the payload by 214 pounds increase (97 kilograms). The extended by 37 cm passenger cabin is equipped with new seats and a modern in-flight entertainment system, and LED lighting.

The first flight of this designated to distinguish it from the Citation X and Citation Ten aircraft took place on January 17, 2012, the certification is planned for mid-2013 and the deliveries are to start in the second half of 2013.

The maximum Mach number of the Citation Ten is currently at 0,935 and is to be further increased. As a sales price are Flightglobal at 22 million U.S. dollars.