The Cessna Aircraft Company [ sesnə ] ( founded in 1927 by Clyde Vernon Cessna ) is an aircraft manufacturer based in Wichita, Kansas. It builds on and twin-engine propeller small aircraft and business jets since 1965. The latter are usually turboprop or jet aircraft. The name refers to one of the most Cessna aircraft series for private and corporate aircraft, moreover, combat aircraft were produced (eg the Cessna A-37 ).

After the company Cessna in 1985, General Dynamics bought out, the production of small aircraft has been set. This was due mainly together with the extension of product liability in the U.S., so that economic marketing of these aircraft types appeared unrealistic.

Only after the re-issue in 1992 to the company Textron Inc. again this aircraft model series were produced.


Cessna itself speaks the name of English, so " Ssessna ".

Although the company's founder and namesake was already born American, in German-speaking countries, the company name is usually also very Italian because of the erroneously adopted Italian origin, ie " Tschessna ".

Examples of Cessna aircraft models

Most manufactured by Cessna Aircraft fall into the class of so-called abgestrebten wing monoplane. They are available in four different body sizes.

Cessna 162 " Skycatcher "

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The smallest aircraft made ​​by Cessna was the two - seater C- 140, which was later known the world over with only minor changes under the model numbers C -150 and C -152. In all variants, over 30,000 aircraft of this model were manufactured. Art Airworthy versions carry a " Aerobat " after the model designation. Because of its low operating costs and good-natured flight characteristics of the aircraft is still the standard model in pilot training. About 75 % of the old model are still in use. In 1985, the producers decided to sell nurmehr the larger models from the C -172. Since late 2007, this decision was revised, and offered the Model C -162 new to the market. While the hull structure and engine were taken over by the success of the previous model, the two-seat C -162 received a modern Garmin G300 glass cockpit, which has been adapted specifically for this small model in the interior. The airplane is certified for day and night flights under visual flight rules ( VFR), but not for flights under instrument flight rules ( IFR). The first series had SkyCatcher in May 2008 ( some eight weeks after the prototype) made ​​its first flight. The first in Shenyang in China built in the Chenyang Aircraft Corporation for the U.S. market machine had its first flight on 17 September 2009. The 400 -pound metal two-seater is to be approved in the U.S. in the LSA category and are sold for $ 111,500. The machine is equipped with a 74 kW Continental piston engine and has a top speed of 219 km / h and a range of 870 km.

Cessna 172 " Skyhawk "

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The Cessna 172 series " Skyhawk " is the smaller sister model 152/162 is very similar in structure, but considerably larger. There will be (including pilot ) four people in the cabin space, it becomes a more powerful engine used, and the enlarged wings allow more tank capacity, resulting in low load greater range results. The C -172 (earliest versions carry the designation C -170) is built externally virtually unchanged since 1950. The company Reims Aviation of France made ​​a long time in the license models for the European market (see photo at right ), now it will be restored only at Cessna 's headquarters in Wichita. The Skyhawk models are very popular as a training aircraft, as these due to the extensive equipment for instrument flight (IFR ) are allowed, which is an important part of training for professional pilots. Today's models have an extensive glass cockpit; also weather radar, collision and terrain warning systems can be ordered. With leather equipment and air conditioning, the Skyhawk is also used by private customers as comfortable small travel aircraft. The C172 is also available as a seaplane.

Cessna 177 "Cardinal"

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As a Cessna in 1967, the C210 Centurion presented with an aim free rectangular wing ( in addition to a slight increase in speed of the aircraft above all gave a new, modern look ), it was in the eyes of the Cessna engineers time, the Cessna model of success Skyhawk ( Cessna 172) to replace with a modern successor. The prototype of the new model was initially under the name Cessna C172J (called " J- Bird" ) out. In addition to a completely new cell, the main change was the new rectangular wing without strut of the Cessna 210 This wing came in a lighter version for use. To improve the visibility of the pilot in the new Cessna 177, the vane was placed much further to the rear than was the case in the Cessna 172. In order to allow a very large focal area, comes in the Cessna 177 was the only aircraft from Cessna, a very far to the rear set, large pendulum elevator ( stabilator ) are used. Due to the relative underpowered, very expensive production ( and thus a high price) as well as problems in the handling of the machine could not break the Cessna 172, the Cessna 177 - production has been further maintained - prevail.

By the year 1978, the Cessna 177 "Cardinal" was (named after the cardinal bird, see Cardinals ) built as a high-priced niche product in constantly improved versions. From 1969 there was a 180 hp Lycoming O -360 engine with variable pitch propeller for use and early childhood diseases have been virtually eliminated. From the year 1971, a version with retractable landing gear, the C 177 RG (Retractable Gear) was built, which was also produced in Reims, France, under license. The "RG " is driven by a motor 360 Lycoming IO with 200 hp and constant speed propeller. Performance-wise, the Cessna 177RG between the Piper PA-28 " Arrow" and the lighter Mooney models ( with max. 200 hp ) settled.

The Cessna Cardinal is today ( in the versions FG ( Fixed Gear Solid = suspension ) and RG (Retractable Gear) ) is a popular and relatively fast passenger aircraft. A global Club " Cardinal Flyers Online" combines many owners and pilots around the world. The "Cardinal" takes due to your relative exclusivity ( relatively low in stock, very modern look, great handling, relatively high power) within the Cessna products a certain special status.

Cessna 182 " Skylane "

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The Skylane is the largest version of the single-engine four - seater touring aircraft and differs by an even more powerful engine, adjustable constant- speed propeller, larger tank volumes and higher takeoff weights. The dimensions are slightly larger. At times, the Skylane was available with a retractable landing gear and carried the suffix " RG " ( retractable gear ).

Cessna 206 " Stationair "

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The single-engine, six-seater Cessna 206 came on the market in 1964 and was initially built until 1986. In 1998, production was resumed and is still ongoing.

This virtually indestructible, high-performance aircraft with fixed landing gear is very much appreciated, especially in the bush flying with their simple and relatively unkempt runways. It carries a payload of about 650 kilograms or five passengers.

Cessna 208 "Caravan ", " Caravan " and " Cargo Master"

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The Cessna 208 ( Caravan ) is a single-engine passenger and cargo aircraft, and designed for commercial traffic. In December 1982, flew the first prototype, the FAA certification in October 1984.

The stretched version of the 208, the Grand Caravan can carry 14 passengers in addition to a pilot.

Together with the customer Federal Express Cessna designed a cargo version of the 208, the Cargo Master. The Cargo Master has an additional cargo compartment under the trunk and can load more than 1.5 tons of cargo. Other variants of the 208 are a military version under the name U- 27A and a version as a seaplane, the Caravan Amphibian.

The built about 1500 times Cessna 208 is today all over the world as a feeder, rescue, utility and cargo aircraft go - except in Western Europe. The reason is that the European authorities do not allow the instrument flight in commercial operation with only one engine.

Cessna Skymaster

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The Cessna 336 " Skymaster " was built after the first flight in February 1961 in 1963 to 1964; a total of 195 copies were made ​​. Since 1965 the slightly larger Cessna 337 was " Super Skymaster " built, which later became known as the Cessna 337 " Skymaster ".

Cessna Citation

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Main business of the Cessna Aircraft Company today 's business jets in the Citation series, the twin-engine business jet aircraft. Ranging is from the new little mustang for 4 passengers and single- pilot operation, the model range of the CJ, XLS, Encore, Sovereign to the Citation X, the ever heard at Mach 0.925 of the fastest civilian aircraft and eight passengers seats.