Cessna 414

The Cessna 414 Chancellor is a lightweight, provided with a pressurized cabin twin-engine propeller aircraft from the American manufacturer Cessna. The improved version from 1978, the Cessna 414A Chancellor.


The Cessna 414 is the lighter, weaker, and thus more economical motorized counterpart to the Cessna 421 The fuselage and wings are from the Cessna 411 The first flight took place in 1968, the series began production in 1969.

As of 1976, the 414 was marketed under the name Chancellor. In 1978, the base model was replaced by the 414A Chancellor, which had changed tanks and was built until 1985. Both models were usually equipped with six seats. The 414 was available with seven, the 414A is equipped with eight seats. From both versions in total 1,055 were built.

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