Gulfstream G650

The Gulfstream G650 Gulfstream Aerospace is a twin-engine business jet. The G650 program was launched in 2005 and introduced to the public in 2008. The G650 is the largest and fastest business aircraft in the offer of the manufacturer.


The development of the Gulfstream G650 launched in 2005. On 13 March 2008 it was first introduced and is the successor of the Gulfstream G500 will. The machine has a 28 percent larger cabin than the G550, which is also 35 cm wide and 7 cm higher. The roll-out took place on September 29, 2009 at the headquarters of Gulfstream in Savannah and take the first flight of the machine took place on 25 November 2009, with test pilots Jake Howard and Tom Horne and Flight Test Engineer Bill Osborne on board. 18 November 2011 was the provisional and on September 7, 2012, the final approval by the U.S. Aviation Agency FAA. The first production aircraft was delivered on December 20, 2012 to a U.S. customer.


On April 2, 2011, an aircraft of the G650 test fleet crashed ( N652GD ) from immediately after takeoff from Roswell International Air Center in the U.S. state of New Mexico. All four crew members, two pilots and two engineers were killed in the incident. The aircraft led by a start with simulated engine failure to determine the length of the take-off run at minimum flap position and engine failure. After starting the aircraft touched with the right wingtip the ground and then lost altitude. The chassis does not withstood the impact and the plane caught fire. Cause of the accident was an incorrect calculation of the takeoff safety speed V2. Due to the shortfall of the actual V2, the right wing had a stall without warning. The problem of unwanted rolling was previously occurred already at two other test flights. However, it has not been sufficiently studied by Gulfstream, so that the cause was not determined until after the crash.


It is powered by two newly developed and produced in Germany engines from Rolls- Royce BR700 family. The integrated engine control, FADEC is responsible for improved efficiency in each flight condition; consequently reached this aircraft from both a coverage as well as a speed record for business jets (as of mid 2008). The wing with a sweep angle of 36 ° contain the complete fuel supply and take in the tanks up to 20,050 kg kerosene. The G650 is equipped with a kitchen, a bar and various consumer electronics and satellite telephone and wireless Internet connection. In addition, the G650 has a four-fold redundant fly-by -wire controls. Housed in the oval fuselage cabin for 13 to 16 passengers, has 16 large windows in the format of 71 cm × 52 cm and a total size of 16.33 m long, 1.95 m high and 2.59 m wide. In addition, an over other machines increased cabin pressure - the pressure in service ceiling corresponds to the 1500 meters high - and provide an improved sound insulation for more comfort.

  • Maximum: 12,964 km ( Mach 0.85)
  • Typical: 9260 km ( Mach 0.90)