Hahneberg (Reinhardswald)


The Hahneberg is 460.8 m above sea level with. NN is the third highest mountain in the Reinhard Forest in the district of Kassel, North Hesse ( Germany ).

Geographical location

The Hahneberg rises about 3.75 kilometers east of Gottsbüren (eastern district of Trendelburg ) and 2.5 km (each crow flies) south of Gieselwerder ( capital of Upper Weser). Its north-western foothills of the Langeberg.


About the summit of the wooded mountain Hahne runs a portion of the Diemel -Weser watershed that is part of the Diemel-Eder/Fulda/Weser-Wasserscheide: The water of all the streams that flow from the Hahneberg in western directions, reached via the südlöich of Mount springing Fuldebach, Holzape and Diemel the Weser in an indirect way; the counter reach the short rivers which run in an easterly direction (eg Trumbach ), within a few kilometers of the river Weser in a direct way.