Upper Weser is a municipality in the district of Kassel, in Hesse, Germany.

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Upper Weser located in the far north of North Hesse between the Solling ( in the north), the ridge Kiffing (in the east ), the Bramwald ( in the southeast ) and the Reinhard Forest ( in the west). It is located on the upper reaches of the Weser River on both sides of the river between Hann. Munden and bathroom Karl harbor.

Neighboring communities

Upper Weser borders in the north on the community Wahlburg ( district of Kassel, in Hesse), to the east by the municipality Uslar ( district of Northeim in Lower Saxony), in the southeast on the stains Adelebsen (Landkreis Göttingen in Lower Saxony) as well as the belonging to Uslar exclave Prince Hagen, south on the town of Hann. Munden (Landkreis Göttingen) and in the west to the unincorporated territory " Gutsbezirk Reinhardswald " ( district of Kassel ).

Community structure

The community of Upper Weser consists of the districts Arenborn, Gewissenruh, Gieselwerder, God Faithful, Heisebeck and Oedelsheim. The seat of the municipality is Gieselwerder.


Gewissenruh and Gottstreu are Waldensian settlements, both of which were founded by Landgrave Charles of Hesse -Kassel in 1722. Oedelsheim was first documented in 1084, the other three places followed until the 13th century. It has nevertheless been established that they were created between 400 and 800 AD.

In the course of municipal reform in Hesse, the formerly independent communities Arenborn, Gewissenruh, Gieselwerder, Gottstreu and Oedelsheim joined on 1 February in 1971 the new church. On 1 August 1972, he was added Heisebeck.


Municipal council

The municipal election held 27 March 2011 yielded the following results:


Rüdiger hen was elected on 25 February 2007, 84.4 %.


Upper Weser maintains partnerships with Adony since 1995 in the Hungarian Fejér county.

Economy and infrastructure


The municipality is located on the upper Weser B 80


With the Puss in Boots from the district Oedelsheim and Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs from the district Gieselwerder Upper Weser is part of the German Fairy Tale Road. In Gieselwerder is the open air museum Mill Square, the historic buildings Miniaturnachbauten shows. Other museums include the skipper and the Weaving Museum. In the municipality of over 50 local clubs operate.