Nieste is a municipality and nationally recognized resort in northern Hesse Kassel district.

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Geographical location

Nieste lies in the valley on the western slope of the Nieste Kaufunger Forest, about 12 km east from the center of Kassel. His district extends along the Nieste to about 7.5 km in length, with the district width upstream of the local situation, in principle, the width of the flood plain forest-free equivalent, and thus usually is not more than 100 m. West of Nieste the district spreads above the Niestetals around about 355 m above sea level. NN high Gerholdsberg least 1.5 km from far to the south. The constructed local situation, however, is like a bridgehead on the only district part of appreciable size north of Nieste and prevented the further expansion on all sides by the Lower Saxon border. Nieste located on the German Fairytale Route, which runs from Hanau to Bremen.

Nieste is beside Bad Salzschlirf the only municipality in the district of Kassel without districts. It is 4.05 km ² the smallest municipality by area in Hesse.

Neighboring communities

Nieste borders in the north on the community Staufenberg ( in the district of Göttingen, in Lower Saxony), to the south by the unincorporated area Gutsbezirk Kaufunger forest (Werra -Meißner -Kreis) and the community Kaufungen, and in the west on the community of Niestetal (both in the district of Kassel).


The oldest surviving written mention as de Nieste points in the year 1293rd In another naming Nieste is already mentioned in the year 1019, then Bardo of sickle stone was after Kauffungen road when he on the border of his possession a chapel of St. Anne, as well as had built an inn. Every two years there have been made pilgrimages, in 1306 there were built by Landgrave Henry of Hesse and Duke Albrecht of Braunschweig some houses. The resulting village was named Nyste ( new site). During the 13th century, a noble family from Nieste is occupied, in 1290, the brothers angel Fried Home and Bert, and called Hermann and Conrad of Nyste. 1289 and 1301 was Hermann, 1323 Conrad councilor in Munden. Hermann was also in the church to the altar Gimte founded in 1289. The Treaty of 1536 was one of the country Nieste county of Hesse and the Principality of Brunswick Calenberg in equal parts. Only the church has not been allocated. 1831 joined the Kingdom of Hanover from his half of the electorate of Hesse.

In 2010, a treaty between Hessen and Lower Saxony closed over a land swap of 51 parcels the district Escherode bordering on the local situation of Nieste, against 6 parcels of community Nieste near the local situation of Dahlenheim. The to -exchanging surfaces are each a total of 14.48 hectares. Background of this boundary change was that both the entire sports facilities as well as the county school gym and the stormwater retention basin of the community Nieste were constructed on land in the municipality of Staufenberg. This resulted in problems of competences for the municipalities. Residents were not affected by the boundary change. The treaty came after the deposit of instruments of ratification on June 1, 2011.


Municipal council

For local elections on 27 March 2011, the CDU did not occur in Nieste because no candidate had been found. Why the SPD reached 100 percent of the vote and 15 seats in occupied all of the municipal council.

Coat of arms

The coat of arms of the municipality Nieste shows in a red battlements main shield to three pinnacles, the outer from the plate edge emerge, a silver scythe blade, under the head of the shield in the wave- cut manner of silver and green diagonally split shields up and down in confused colors depending An extracted from the wave pitch Buchenzweig to three leaves.

The scythe blade and the pinnacles point to the area of the present-day municipality located, former castle Sensenstein. The two three-leaf book branches are the symbols for the location of the village near the natural park Kaufunger forest and the natural park Munden. The wave cut is the eponymous creek " sneezed ".


The Evangelical Lutheran St. Anne's parish was merged on January 1, 2011 with the Paul -Gerhardt -Kirche church Escherode in Staufenberg the new Evangelical Lutheran Church Dreinigkeits community Escherode - Nieste in Staufenberg. It belongs to the parish of Munden of the Ward Hildesheim Göttingen the Hanover church.


The community Nieste maintains partnership relations with

  • Franken grove in Ilm-Kreis in Thuringia.
  • Dunaszentgyorgy, Hungary


  • Ramparts of the former castle Sensenstein on the Gerholdsberg
  • " Niester giants", redwoods on Gerholdsberg
  • Hiking area " Gläsnertal "
  • Leisure facility " bleaching lawns "
  • German Fairy Tale Road, passes through the village
  • Germanischer garden from Windshausen Castle, English Landscape Garden in the neighboring municipality Niestetal

Economy and infrastructure

Nieste is a residential community without industry and surrounded by about 150 km of hiking and biking trails.

The place offers a supermarket, drugstore, drinks trade, car workshop, doctors, automotive testing, as well as savings bank and restaurants. The Königsalm is located here.


Nieste is connected with the eight kilometers distant point Kassel-Nord A 7 on the national road network. From Kassel Nieste is accessible through the Niestetal on the country roads L3237 / L563. About the country road L563 can be reached in an easterly direction through the scenic Endschlagtal and the Umschwang, the community Kleinalmerode, a district of Witzenhausen. Connections to the neighboring villages be prepared by various county roads.

Nieste belongs to the tariff zone of Kassel Plus of North Hesse Transport Association ( NPT) and is served by regular bus line 34. There are driving relations after Kaufungen and dortaus continue with the tram line 4 in Kassel, as well as Escherode and dortaus by bus No. 32, on Staufenberg and Niestetal, to Kassel.


The municipality has a nursery with all-day care and a primary school. A comprehensive school is located in Kaufungen. Secondary schools are available in Kassel.