Ahnatal is a municipality in the district of Kassel in northern Hesse ( Germany ).

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Geographical Location

Ahnatal is located north of the High hawk forest or on the northern edge of the nature park forest hawk. The municipality is located north- west of Kassel and west of Vellmar and is traversed by the ancestor. Ahnatal is surrounded by several mountains. In the West, the High Dörnberg, north of the Stahlberg and to the south the Firnskuppe rises.

Neighboring communities

Ahnatal borders in the north on the community Calden, in the north- east on the community Espenau, on the east by the city Vellmar (all three in the district of Kassel ), in the south of the county-level city of Kassel, in the southwest on the community Hawk Forest, and to the west by the city ​​Zierenberg (both in the district of Kassel).


Ahnatal consists of the districts Heckershausen ( 1107 ) and Weimar ( 1097 ).


First finds of human occupation date from the 4th century BC. The district Weimar was first mentioned in 1097 in a deed of St. -Alban- pin in Mainz documented. The pin entertained in Weimar a Benedictine abbey. The district Heckershausen was first mentioned in 1107. With the extinction of the Werner 's comital to Heckershausen oriented of Thuringia to the diocese of Mainz, which wanted to create a counter-position to the Landgrave of Thuringia here. With the economic strengthening of the city of Kassel Landgrave Karl also the economic situation improved in Ahnatal. Many young men from the community took part in the American War of Independence in 1776. On 1 August 1972, the two formerly independent communities Heckershausen and Weimar were together the greater community Ahnatal due to the Hessian government reform.


Municipal council

The municipal election held 27 March 2011 yielded the following results:

The administrative center is in the district of Weimar. Mayor of Ahnatal is from April 1, 2009 Michael Aufenanger ( CDU).

The parish council consists of the mayor and eight honorary aldermen. It has at present to the mayor, Michael Aufenanger, 3 representatives of the SPD, two representatives of the CDU, 2 representatives of the Green Party and a representative of the Liberal voters Community Ahnatal.

In the election on September 22, 2002 Regina Heldmann (SPD ) won with 81.1 % of votes. There were no opposing candidates. The turnout was 85.1 %


The community Ahnatal maintains partnership relations with

  • Wisches - Hersbach in Alsace in France since 1990,
  • Burgstädt in Saxony since 1990 and
  • Krummnußbaum in Lower Austria since 1996.


Ahnatal has three stops on the train line Volkmarsen - Vellmar - Obervellmar: Ahnatal -Weimar, Ahnatal - Heckershausen and Ahnatal Cassel width. It trains the RegioTram Kassel. The Kassel Hbf train station is 16 minutes and the train station Kassel- Wilhelm height in 26 minutes. Ahnatal is located in the network area of the NPT. There is also the bus Ahnatal - Vellmar -Kassel. There is also a second bus, which is run as a pure local bus. Especially the A 44 and B 7, B 83 and B 251, which, for example, crossing the Kassel area, can be reached in most short time.


  • Dörnberg - good view option (with the airfield )
  • Castle Wilhelm Thal - Rococo palace
  • At the edge of the hamlet Weimar is the recreational area Buhl, a former basalt quarry, around the year 1900 caused a stir in mineralogical circles by finds of massive iron, is now filled by a lake and therefore perfect for swimming. A barbecue hut is available.
  • The nature reserve Keischel at Weimar ( calcareous grasslands ) is accessible by dirt roads and therefore well suited for observations of nature.


  • Fabian Schomburg (* 1991), handball players