Hail, Hero!

Hail, Hero! is an American drama film directed by David Miller from the year 1969. The theme of the movie, there is so far no German version, changing the mindset of a former pacifists to a soldier, set against the backdrop of the Vietnam War. As a template for the script served on the novel by John Weston.


The student Carl Dixon leaves the University and can enroll in the U.S. Army. Carl, who has previously withdrawn the invitation and was arrested at anti-war demonstrations, trying to be clear about his worldview. For this purpose he visited the ranch in his native Arizona. Trying to explain to his entry into the army, is prevented by the preparations for the birthday party of his brother Frank. Frank is crippled by an accident in his childhood. Father Albert blames Carl responsible. Albert has never understood the pacifist attitude Carls.

Frank's injury has held him from the family tradition to follow and become a soldier. The brothers reconcile after Carl Frank has made ​​it clear that it was not a shame not to fight. As a gift, he presented him with the mummified corpse of an Indian baby. However, the symbolic value of the gift is not clear Father Albert. Carl's entry into the army baffled him. He believes Carl wanted to ally themselves with the enemy.

Carl discovers that his Santha mother has an affair with the head of the local nursing home, Mr. Conklin. After a long conversation with Conklin, Carl prepares to leave for Vietnam. Before he leaves, he painted a psychedelic peace painting on the barn.


Vincent Canby was that the movie without the young Michael Douglas was not acceptable. His performance is not necessarily remarkable, but energetic.


On 4 October 1969, the film premiered in Los Angeles.

The title song was composed and sung by Canadian folk singer Gordon Lightfoot.

For Michael Douglas, who in 1970 was nominated for the Golden Globe for Best Newcomer, it was the first starring role in a feature film, Peter Strauss made ​​his feature film debut. Virginia Christine retired after this film from the show business and was only sporadically seen in some TV series.