Haim-Moshe Shapira

Chaim - Moshe Shapira (Hebrew חיים משה שפירא; born March 26, 1902 in Grodno, † July 16, 1970 ) was an Israeli politician and a signatory of the Israeli declaration of independence.


Political career

Schapira was repeated Israeli minister. From 1948 to 1951 he was both Minister of Health, as well as immigration minister. From 1949 to 1952 he was Minister of the Interior from 1951 to 1958 he was Minister of Religion, 1952-1958, he was Minister of Welfare. Both in 1955 and 1959 to 1970 he was again Minister of the Interior. From 1961 to 1966 he was Minister of Health.

After completed in June 1956 founding of the National Religious Party, fusion of the bourgeois- centrist and Zionist Orthodox party intellectual center ( HaMisrachi ) and the Zionist- Orthodox Workers' Party ( HaPo'el haMisrachi ), he became the first chairman of the new party. This office he held until his death in 1970. His successor was Joseph Castle.