Dov Yosef

Bernard Dov Yosef ( born May 27, 1899 in Montreal, Canada; † 7 January 1980) was an Israeli politician and minister.


After schooling Yosef first completed a study of the humanities and economics at McGill University, where he graduated with a Doctor of Philosophy ( Ph.D.). In addition, he studied law at the Université Laval and the University of London, where he obtained admission to the lawyer. In his Canadian homeland, he was one of the founders of the Association of Young Judaea and some time its president. During the First World War he was a member of the Canadian Jewish Legion, which organized the emigration to Israel.

1918 moved Yosef himself to Israel and was there at the time of the League of Nations Mandate for Palestine, a successful lawyer. In 1933 he joined the Mapai and 1936 was legal advisor to the Board of the Jewish Agency and Deputy Director of the Political Department. During the Second World War he was the coordinator of the Jewish Agency for mobilizing volunteer for the British Army. 1945 he was appointed to the Board of the Jewish Agency in Jerusalem. However, this activity had to give up temporarily in 1946 after his arrest by British authorities Yosef. In 1948 he was a member of the Committee position that was preparing the establishment of an administrative apparatus for a statehood, and also military governor of Jerusalem.

After the establishment of Israel Dov Yosef was first elected on 14 February 1949, members of the Knesset, in which he represented the interests of Mapai until 30 November 1959.

On March 10, 1949, he was appointed by Prime Minister David Ben -Gurion as Minister of rationing and supply for the first time in a cabinet. On June 1, 1950, appointed him in addition to the Minister of Agriculture and held these offices until 1 November 1950. Subsequently he was up to October 8, 1951 Transport Minister, before he was appointed Minister of Justice afterwards. However, Yosef held that post only until June 25, 1952. Between October 1951 and 24 December 1952, he was in addition also Minister of Trade and Industry. Then he was up to June 15, 1953, first minister without portfolio before he was Minister of Development 1955 to 13 November. At the same time he also held the post of Minister of Health of 29 June 1955 to November 1955. Last Dov Yosef was despite the fact that he had no Knesset mandate more since 1959, from November 2, 1961 again until January 12, 1966 Minister of Justice.


  • British Rule in the Land of Israel, 1948
  • Keeping the Faith - blockade on Jerusalem, 1948
  • The Faithful City, 1960 ( autobiography )
  • Dove and Sword, 1975 ( autobiography )

With his autobiography, The Faithful City he caused a political scandal in 1960, since according to this illustration, the commandant of the city of Jerusalem, David Shaaltiel, gave him a false situation representation, which ultimately led to the fall of the besieged city.