Justice Ministry (Israel)

The Minister of Justice of Israel ( שר המשפטים ) ( Sar HaMishpatim ) directs the Israeli Ministry of Justice.


The responsibilities of the Ministry of Justice are numerous and include legal advice and legalization, the Office of the Prosecutor, civil legal assistance, public defense, the Office of the Public Trustee and public trustee in bankruptcy, the Office of Land Grab registration, the Office of the Supreme Government valuer, the National Center for Mediation, various registries such as the commercial register, the register of patents, designs and trademarks, the information repository registers, plus registries and offices for professional licensing, as well as the Council for officially approved accountant, the Council of the basic evaluators, the mediation register and the Office for the licensing of private investigators and security services.

Another authority has been assigned to the Ministry in 2001, which deals with the legal prosecution and punishment under the Money Laundering Act and as the central authority coordinates the activities of the authorities against the growing phenomenon of money laundering. The Ministry of Justice in 2001 a newly established authority ( Registrar of Authorising Bodies ) Likewise, it was assumed which takes the newly adopted Law on the elektronisichen signature. Finally, the Ministry of Justice is assigned to the Office of the Ombudsman, established in 2003.

List of Ministers of Justice