Hans-Werner Meyer

Hans -Werner Meyer ( born April 14, 1964 in Hamburg ) is a German actor.


Hans -Werner Meyer was born the son of a landscape architect and a foreign language correspondent in Hamburg. He attended the Albert -Schweitzer -Gymnasium in Hamburg and studied at the Academy of Music and Theatre in Hanover. Meyer began his career in 1990 at the Residenz Theater in Munich and moved in 1993 to the stage at Rosa Luxemburg Platz in Berlin. He worked at this time with important theater directors and director inside as Andrea Breth, Luc Bondy, Leander Haussmann, Robert Lepage, Elmar Goerden or Amélie Niermeyer together.


Meyer was founded in 1992 by Joseph Vilsmaier for the film Charlie & Louise - discovered Lottie and Lisa. There were other cinema and TV productions such as The Shadow of the writer and it happened in broad daylight before the solid commitment to the stage left in 1997 and focus devoted to the film. Meyer has been one of one of the busiest and most versatile actors of his generation. He played so far in about 80 films. Among them are 48 episodes of the crime series The smart ones, for whose title role of police psychologists Dominik Born, he received the Bavarian Film Award in 2000, and in 2000 and 2001, nominated for the German Television Award.

In subsequent years, the role offer diverse and so included different characters such as the long-distance runner Dieter Baumann in I will run - The case of Dieter Baumann, the slowly insane expectant Prussian officer's son Albrecht Rochester mountain in the historic two-parter The white Africans and suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder losers Thomas Menz in Two Fronts - curse of the fire. On the role of the charming but highly immoral Robert Falk in the comedy drama What a beautiful day followed with the presentation of dazzling sponsors of an international smuggling syndicate a major role in the international four-part series: The Legend Continues. Also in spring 2005, Meyer played in the other half of happiness, a drama about a kidnapped baby, the father between grief and overcome.

Since April 2006 he is honorary board member at the Federation of film and TV actor ( BFFS ), the union for actors, active. He is fighting for a quota free production companies, as they are in the UK.

Since 2010 he serves as an ambassador for the Karl- bucket price, which is awarded by the Karl bucket Foundation for Child and Family.

Hans -Werner Meyer is married to actress Jacqueline Macaulay and has two children. He is the brother of comedian Chin Meyer. Since 1983 he occurs irregularly with the a cappella group Echo Echo, since 1999 under the name Meier & vultures on. For his hobbies singing and sailing he has little time.

Filmography (selection)




  • 2000: Bavarian Television Award for Best Actor for And tomorrow the sun rises again and the clever ones
  • 2007: Hörbuchpreis ear canoes for 2007 Spider
  • 2012: Premio Bacco (Italian film critics' prize )