Andrea Breth

Andrea Breth ( born October 31, 1952 in vineyards near Füssen ) is a German theater director who currently lives and works in Vienna.


The Darmstadt grew up as the daughter of Herbert Andrea Breth Breth studied in Heidelberg Literature and began while studying an assistant director in 1972 at Heidelberg Theatre. She learned this craft, inter alia, even when David Esrig in Essen. In 1975, she was able to present their first self-responsible production at the Theater Bremen: The Enchanted brothers Yevgeny Schwarz. Ans Bremer Theater she came by the change of Heidelberger director Peter Stoltzenberg to Bremen, who took them there. In addition to the first own work here she was assistant director to David Esrig and Christof Nel.

After working and directing work at theaters in Wiesbaden, Bochum, Hamburg and Berlin, she went in 1981, still dissatisfied with their mastery of the Director compartment, to Zurich and began training as an actress. In 1983 she took the Freiburg director Ulrich Brecht to the local Municipal Theatre, where she was solid in-house director until 1985. Here you will also achieved a breakthrough with a production of Federico García Lorca's House of Bernarda Alba. This production brought her an invitation to the Berlin Theatre Meeting and the award of the journal Theater heute as director of the year.

Began in 1986 at the Schauspielhaus Bochum after the departure of Claus Peymann at the Vienna Burgtheater a new era under director Frank - Patrick Steckel. Steckel took Andrea Breth to Bochum; there they could establish itself until 1989 in the German theater scene. She staged her first Bochum season 1986/1987 the greatest successes of its Bochum time. First, the season opening production of Luigi Pirandello's The Giants of the Mountain, then south of Julien Green and summer of Edward Bond. For the South, she received numerous awards and was selected again for the Berlin Theatre Meeting.

Until 1992, she worked as a freelance director in German theaters on the road and toured with other pieces Sean O'Casey's The End of the Beginning and Kleist's The Broken Jug at the Burgtheater in Vienna. From 1992 to 1997 she was Artistic Director of the Berlin Schaubühne place. Again, its been a concern with Russian authors at the center. The Lower Depths by Maxim Gorky, The Seagull and Uncle Vanya by Anton Chekhov P. regarded as outstanding productions of that time.

Since 1999 she has in-house director at the Burgtheater in Vienna and also staged at the Salzburg Festival. In 2004 and 2005 she was again involved in the Berlin Theatre Meeting with the castle productions Emilia Galotti and Don Carlos. The latter production was shown for technical reasons only as a movie. 2006 was the director as part of the Berlin Theatre Meeting with prize money of 16,000 euros Berlin Theatre Prize. The money donated, the director of a soup kitchen in Pankow, which is led by the Franciscan Order.

Already in the Bochum years Breth had suffered from mental illness, this led to a suicide attempt and longer stays in hospitals. It has repeatedly canceled production projects, including Shakespeare's Twelfth Night and Calderón daughter of the air. Furthermore, the director had planned to stage the world premiere of the play The House of the judge of Dimitre Dinev for the Academy Theatre, but she could not complete the project due to illness.

In 2007, Breth in the Austrian magazine profile of her manic- depressive illness position. In 2008 she returned as a director of the play by Simon Stephens Motor Town back to the Burgtheater.

About the work of Andrea Breth

" Andrea Breth's directing style is in the tradition of Fritz Kortner and Peter Stein's poetic and psychological realism. It sees itself as people Kund activist, researcher soul -. Never only in a biographical and social, but in a universal humanity's sense "

Chipped Stone Wall Project

For the theater season 2006-2007 Andrea Breth planned a monumental staging of Schiller's Wallenstein, which would respectively on two successive evenings in the Burgtheater to be listed. The premiere of this production was intended for the Austrian National Day (October 26, 2006). The end of June it was moved to January, then July 2007. Ultimately, had to be postponed for health reasons indefinitely the production. The stage of Bernhard Kleber was at that time already been completed. To avoid a complete cancellation of the staging, an abridged Wallenstein version that aired in December 2007. Breth could not be directing, she was delegated to Thomas Langhoff.

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