Harbin Y-12

The Harbin Y -12 ( also Yunshuji Harbin Y12 ) is a twin-engine, high-wing aircraft in the Chinese Harbin Aircraft Manufacturing Corporation.


The Y -12 was developed as a successor of the Harbin Y -11 since 1980. In relation to this, it has a greater range and modified wings. The machine was launched on 14 July 1982 on its maiden flight. It was used by Lao Airlines, Air Fiji, Air Kiribati, Air Vanuatu, and various Asian and African armed forces and the Peruvian Air Force. Right now ( end of 2008) were built more than 100 Y -12.


As the engine designed for 17 passengers engine turboprops two Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A -11 373 kW were used for the base version for use. The machine had a wing span of 17.25 m, a length of 14.86 m and a height of 5.68 m. She had no pronounced STOL characteristics.


Later, the improved variants followed Y -12 II (with PT6A -27 ( 462 kW) and Hartzell Propeller ) with approval in 1984, Y -12 IV

The Y -12 IV is a passenger plane for 19 persons with increased landing weight with approval of 1995. During the Y -12C is a military version with WJ -9- drive.

In today still in use Y -12E for 18 passengers (developed on the basis of Y -12 IV) the improved PT6A - 135A, better avionics and interiors as well as a revised suspension were used. The Y -12 is 14.6 m long, has a wingspan of 19.2 meters and a maximum take-off mass of 5.67 tons. The maximum speed is 238 km / h and the range of 1340 km, the altitude of 7,000 m.

The Y -12 G is a freighter version of three standard LD3 containers. The Y- 12 Twin Panda ( 2000) is an export version based on the Y -12 II, but it was later developed as the Y -12 IV


Due to its STOL performance, the machine is, inter alia, used on small island airports and in the high mountains. The Government of Seychelles has received from China in 2011, two aircraft of the type Y -12E to combat piracy.

Comparable aircraft

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  • Dornier Do 228
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