Haselbach (Kammel)

View over the valley of the Haselbach ( Kammel ) between Attenhausen and Marbach from west to east

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The Haselbach (also known as hazel, like two other rivers in the district of Günzburg ) is a right tributary of the Kammel. About the Kammel and the Mindel he is an indirect right tributary of the Danube in Bavaria. The river is from the municipal boundary between the City of Krumbach ( Schwaben) and the Municipality of Neuburg an der Kammel a waters of third order.


The source of Haselbach is located south of the village winemakers in the municipality in the district of Günzburg Aletshausen. From there, the Haselbach (municipality Neuburg an der Kammel ) flows through a narrow valley in a northerly direction to its confluence with the Kammel south of the village Naichen near the forge museum Naichen.


A few hundred meters north of the source of Haselbach flows west to tenants - community Aletshausen - over. Other villages that lie in the valley of Haselbach, the districts of Eden Hausen and Attenhausen the town Krumbach ( Schwaben) and Marbach, Edelstetten and Langenhaslach in the municipality of Neuburg an der Kammel, where Langenhaslach is already in the area in which the Haseltal already are the Kammeltal has passed.


  • In Eden Hausen there in Haselbach one occurrence of the protected river mussel ( Unio Crassus ).
  • From some points in Haseltal you have a very nice view of the former monastery Edelstetten.
  • In the southern part of the Haseltals - from the source to the county road GZ 7 ( Niederraunau - Mindelzell ) - the so-called Haseltalloipe is groomed in the winter when snow height.