Haskeir ( Scottish Gaelic: Eilean Hasgeir, also Great Haskeir ( Scottish Gaelic Hasgeir Mhor ), Old Norse probably Skilðar or Skilðir, Shields ) is an uninhabited island in the west of the Outer Hebrides in Scotland. One kilometer south-west of Haskeir are the five skerries Haskeir Eagach, German " Sunken Haskeir ".


Haskeir is a secluded, mostly rocky island. It is located 13 kilometers west-northwest of North Uist and around 40 kilometers east of the archipelago of St. Kilda, for Haskeir thus represents the nearest land area.

On the coast there are several arches and the Castle Cliff, a high cliff at the north end Haskeirs. Just north and south of the island are numerous other small skerries. The vegetation consists of a few plants such as thrift, White Campion, plantain and reporting.

The rock is predominantly gneiss.


The suspected former name of the island, skildar, is regarded as the origin of the name of the island group St Kilda.

The remains of a hut located on Haskeir. Probably it was built by fishermen from the Monach Islands. In 1997, a lighthouse was built on Haskeir.


The Monach Islands south of Haskeir are also called Heisker, which sometimes leads to confusion.