Berneray, North Uist

Berneray ( Scottish Gaelic: Beàrnaraidh, from the Old Norse for Bjørns Island) is an island of the Outer Hebrides in Scotland.


Berneray is located in the Sound of Harris between the islands of Lewis and Harris and North Uist. It is one of two inhabited islands in the Sound of Harris. Berneray is one of the islands of Uist.

Berneray is 10.1 km ². The highest point is 93 meters Beinn Shleibhe, second highest in the 85 m high Borve Hill. 2001, there were 136 people on the island. The main towns are Borve and Rushgarry.

To the west of the island is a five-kilometer long sandy beach. Berneray is characterized by soil type Machair from lyricisms clam shell residues, which has been cultivated here particularly thoroughly mixed with seaweed and temporary fallow leaving behind.


1999 was built on North Uist car accessible only at low tide Berneray Causeway after Otternish.


The main sources of income are fishing, agriculture (mostly by crofters ) and tourism. The construction of the Berneray Causeway improved the accessibility of the island, and allowed a faster turnover of goods.

Flora and Fauna

The plant world is due to the partly derelict land quite versatile. In addition to seals and gray seals, there are numerous species of birds including geese, swans, waders and seabirds. In the sea around the island is home to otters.


Some islands of the Outer Hebrides have similar names. Northwest of Lewis are Great Bernera and Little Bernera. Barra Head in the south of the island group also Berneray is sometimes called. In addition, southwest of Lismore lies the small island of Bernera Iceland. To distinguish called Berneray also Berneray, North Uist.