Barra Head

Barra Head (also Berneray from Old Norse for Bjørns Island) is the southernmost island of the Outer Hebrides in Scotland.

Name of the island

Originally the island was known as Berneray, Barra Head during designated only the name of the southern tip of the island.


Barra Head is 2.0 km ². The highest point is 193 meters of Sotan. The island is uninhabited.

The island is mainly covered by salt marshes, machair and moor.


There is a designed by the engineer Robert Stevenson lighthouse, which has been in operation since 1833 at the southern tip. Until 1931, the families of the lighthouse keepers were the only inhabitants of the island. Since the automation of the beacon Barra Head is uninhabited. 2000 was acquired by the National Trust for Scotland the island.

Flora and Fauna

Barra Head since 1991 sanctuary for seabirds. Together with the neighboring island of Mingulay it forms a breeding ground for hundreds of thousands Seevögelpaare, including the Razorbill ( Alca torda ).

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