Have a Nice Day (Roxette-Album)

Have a Nice Day is the sixth studio album by Roxette. It was published at the record label EMI on 28 March 1999. Wish I Could Fly, the first single release, received the gold record in Sweden. About 2.2 million sales, the album has achieved.


Jason Damas of Allmusic described the album as an attempt to Roxette's trademark sound with Brit-pop and electronica " encapsulate " the functioning: " Have A Nice Day is an effort to encapsulate Roxette 's trademark sound with Brit - pop and electronica, and, by gosh, it works. " He was 3 of 5 stars. The NME called the album "another clever- clever bastard of an album Which defies Doctor skirt. " Here 7 were awarded out of 10.

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