Helmut Angula

Helmut Angula Kangulohi ( born November 11, 1945 in Ontananga, Oshikoto (then Ovamboland ), South West Africa ) is a Namibian politician ( SWAPO ) and author.

Angulation grew up with Olukonda and joined in 1963 as a 18 -year-old SWAPO. He took over at first key functions in the promotion of the organization, but in 1966 went into exile in Botswana and a little later to Zambia. After completing his Abitur in Kabwe (1969 ) he came over political contacts after Cuba and early 70s in the USSR. In Cuba, Helmut Angula gained a diploma in International Relations and in the Soviet Union, a Master of Science in Biology from the State University of Voronezh ( 1975) at the Academy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Cuba.

After graduating, he returned to Nyango, Zambia, and in 1976 was elected to the Central Committee of SWAPO and later became a member of the Politburo of the Party. Angula was in 1989 a member of the Constituent National Assembly, and from 1990 to 2005 Member of the National Assembly. During this time he served as Minister in various departments:

  • Minister of Fisheries ( 1991-95 ),
  • Minister of Finance ( 1995-96 ),
  • Minister of Agriculture, Water and Rural Development (1996-2005),
  • Minister of Public Works and Transport ( 2008-10 ).

In 1988 he published the autobiographical novel Two Thousand Days of Haimbodi ya Haufiku, who wrote of the Namibian struggle for independence in the years 1966 to 1975.

During his political career he was in the past for its conservative stance and pejorative attitudes towards homosexuals and emancipating women, politically discredited. Helmut Angula is married and has three children.