Henry I, Duke of Bavaria

Henry I (* 919/922 in Nordhausen, † November 1 955 in Pöhlde ) was Duke of Bavaria.

Henry was the second son of German King Henry I and his wife Mathilde and brother of the East Frankish king Otto I..

938 he conspired in alliance with Eberhard of Franconia and Giselbert of Lorraine against his brother Otto, that he lifted up his own claim to the throne. Previously, he had been captured in the uprising Thank Mars by Eberhard. In the year 939 he was defeated at Birten and forced to leave the kingdom. He fled to King Louis IV of France, but subjected himself after he had closed with Otto peace.

940 Heinrich received the Duchy of Lorraine, but could not say why it was denied him his rule. Easter 941 he tried to assassinate Otto in the royal palace in Quedlinburg. The attack was discovered, Henry imprisoned in Ingelheim and pardoned for Christmas 941 in Frankfurt am Main to contrite repentance.

In the year 948 he was invested with the duchy of Bavaria (his wife Judith was a Bavarian princess ). In Bavaria, his appointment to the Duke but was rejected in many parts of the common people and of the Bavarian nobility. He was able to hold in Hungary wars. As a suitor of his brother he accompanied the Queen Adelaide in the year 951 to Pavia. 952 he enlarged his duchy to the trademarks of Verona and Aquileia. A revolt Liudolf and Conrad of Lorraine, he could suppress bloody. He died on November 1, 955 in Pöhlde monastery.

He was buried in Lower Cathedral in Regensburg, where his wife Judith is buried.

Man Heinrich is relatively unknown. Widukind of Corvey a distinguished, in his view, probably negative image, but which may have to do with a dislike of Henry.

Henry I was married to Judith of Bavaria. With her he had three children:

  • Hadwig (ca. 939-994 )
  • Gerberga (ca. 940-1001 ), the abbess of Gander home was
  • Henry II ( 951-995 )


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