Henry III of Castile

., Henry III, called El Doliente ( the sickly ) (* October 4, 1379 in Burgos, † December 25, 1406 in Toledo ) was from 1390 to 1406 King of Castile and León. He was a son of John I of Castile and León and Leonor of Aragon.


He was born in Burgos, the coronation city of the kings of Castile. Before he became king, he was the first heir to the Castilian in 1388 by his father created and still supported by the Spanish crown prince title of Prince of Asturias. At the age of eleven he ascended the throne, 14 he was declared of age and took over the government. He was able to assert itself against the aristocracy and strengthen the royal power base in the course of his reign.

Under his reign the Castilian naval force defeated the fleet of England and destroyed 1400, the pirate stronghold of Tetuan in North Africa. 1402 Jean de Bethencourt began to colonize the Canary Islands on behalf of the king.

Henry married in 1388 Catherine of Lancaster, daughter of John of Gaunt, 1st Duke of Lancaster and Constance of Castile, the oldest daughter of Peter I. This marriage ended the decades-long conflict between the two dynasties. After Henry's death his wife took over the regency for her young son.


  • John II (1405-1454)
  • Maria (1401-1458) ∞ Alfonso V, King of Aragon