Hereford United F.C.

Hereford United is an English football club from Hereford, who is currently in the English Conference National, the fifth English top flight, playing. The nickname of the club is The Whites ( German whites ) or The Bulls ( German cops ) after the emblem of the club.


In 1924 the club from a merger of two amateur clubs from Hereford, who hoped to better athletic results. The newly founded association became a member of the Birmingham Combination League. 1928 it became a member of the Birmingham League.

From 1939 to 1972 Hereford United played in the Southern League, in the twice awarded second place in the club and was able to reach the final of the overall championship of the Southern League after the split in North - Western and South -Eastern - Southern League twice.

In 1972 the club was awarded a place in the Football League, which founded mainly on the excellent performance in the previous FA Cup. In the first year of the rise from the Fourth Division was achieved in the Third Division, which they won in 1976. After only a year in the Second Division but one rose again and reached thus has the second English top the highest ever placement in English professional football.

By 1979, the re- descent was up to the fourth league, a resurgence failed in the playoffs in 1985 and 1996. According to financial problems due to the need of the player sales logically become descent in the amateur football has already taken place a year later. It was late one reported back to the 2nd place in the National Conference and the associated rise in professional football. There, in 2008 there has even been promoted to the third-rate Football League One, which, however, only a year later followed by the return to the Viertklassigkeit.

In 2012, they rose from professional football in the fifth English League, the Conference National, from.


  • Master Third Division (now Football League One ): 1976
  • Welsh Cup: 1990
  • Southern League Cup: 1952, 1957, 1959