Ebbsfleet United F.C.

Ebbsfleet United ( officially: Ebbsfleet United Football Club ) - also known as The Fleet - is an English football club based in Northfleet, which was founded in 1946 and is currently playing in the Conference National fünftklassigen.

By May 2007, the club Gravesend & Northfleet FC was called, which grew out of a merger of the two clubs Gravesend and Northfleet United FC United FC. He changed his name when the Euro Star Group got in as a sponsor. The new club name derives from Ebbsfleet International station, since November 19, 2007 comply with the Euro - Star high-speed trains.


  • Southern League: Master in 1957/58
  • Southern League ( Southern Division ): Champion 1974/75, 1993/94
  • Isthmian League: Champion 2001 /02
  • Best season in the FA Cup: 1962/63 (4th round )
  • Winning the FA Trophy 2007/ 08

Well-known former players


Nationally known the club was established in November 2007 with the acquisition of the football fan " myfootballclub.co.uk ", in which each depositor of 35 pounds ( about 50 euros ) ensures the right to vote on the club fortunes and together with all the other " shareholders " by Internet on the establishment, transfer, and use of deposits tunes. Around 32,000 users of the site contributed to peak their contribution, whereby about 700,000 pounds ( nearly 1 million euros ) came together.

After the end of the first year, the majority of participants myFC but its membership is not renewed. In 2009, only 9,000 paying members were counted. In September 2010, two and a half years after the takeover, 3,500 members were registered. Only 132 of these members participated in October 2010 to a vote on the freedom of choice of the coach in transfer matters.