Ebbsfleet International railway station

High Speed ​​One


The Ebbsfleet International Station is one of three stations on the UK's first high speed rail line High Speed ​​One, formerly known as the Channel Tunnel Rail Link.

Ebbsfleet International is owned by Union Railways (North ) Ltd, but is administered by National Rail. After the station named the football club Ebbsfleet United.


The station was built along with the High Speed ​​One and opened on 19 November 2007. After moving the Euro Star from Waterloo Station to St Pancras railway station here held exclusively high-speed trains that linked London with the Channel Tunnel to Paris and Brussels.

Since December 2009, the station is also served by national trains, with trains Class 395 in traffic between London and the South East of England.

The architect of the station was Mark Fisher, in collaboration with Alastair Lansley CBE, Leszek Dobrovolsky and Deacon Fred.


The station is located east of London, south of the Thames, between the villages of Gravesend and Dartford, 400 meters southwest of the station Northfleet, 3.5 km east of the shopping center Bluewater Shopping Centre and not far from the London orbital motorway, the M25. Under the name of Ebbsfleet Valley to be built in the immediate vicinity of the railway station new city district with up to 10,000 homes and up to 20,000 jobs.

The nearest railway station on the HS1 to the north is Stratford Station International. The next on the HS1 to the south to reach the train station is Ashford International train station in Ashford ( Kent). The closest on the Anzweig for North Kent Line station is Gravesend. The station has two sets of platforms, once directly on the HS1 and on the other a central platform on which Überwerfungsbauwerk the eastern North Kent Line. The measures provided for international transport platforms are 760 mm above rail level ( SOK ) high, the funds earmarked for regional transport have the British standard height of 915 mm above rail level.