Highlands Highway

The Highlands Highway is the main highway in Papua Neuguineand and allows the transport of people and goods between the populous mountain region and the coast.

In the largest part of the route of the Highlands Highway is no more than a road with a single lane in each direction, their use is still often difficult to potholes and landslides. The road is notorious, especially in the mountains it to represent the scene of numerous armed robberies committed by local, Rascals called bandits.

Itineraries History

The highway begins in Lae, where he leads through the Markham Valley and the Morobe Province. A secondary route continues through the valley of Ramu in Madang Province and ends at the coast in the town of Madang. The main branch crossed by the Markham Valley to Kassam Pass ( 1500 m. Above sea level. Above sea level) and reached the Eastern Highlands Province. From here, the road passes over the cities Kainantu and Henganofi to the provincial capital of Goroka. On the next leg of Highway continues to rise until it has overcome the 2,478 -meter-high Daulo Pass and reached the Chimbu province and its capital Kundiawa.

After Kundiawa the Highlands Highway runs through the Waghi Valley, which marks the start of the Western Highlands Province. According to the provincial capital of Mount Hagen the road reaches the village Togopa where she shares: A southern route runs in the Southern Highlands Province and its capital Mendi before it leads to Tari. The other branch leads to the capital of Enga Province, Wabag, before she ends up in the mining town of Porgera.


2006 Highway was renewed in the course of the AusAID program of the Australian Government. Several Japanese and Taiwanese projects helped to renovate or replace it with new structures important bridges. The Porgera Gold Mine ( PJV ) is an important user of the highway and turns consequently large amounts of money and time to maintain the road; particularly in the sub-region of Mount Hagen to Porgera is done a lot.