Territory of the Holy Roman Empire

The county of Holstein - Pinneberg existed from 1290 to 1640.

Formation and destruction of County

Holstein - Pinneberg was a small territory, which was created in 1290 after the death of Gerard I. by the division of the County of Holstein Itzehoe. So the Pinneberger line of the Counts of Schauenburg and Holstein, which was called Holstein - Pinneberg or Holstein -looking castle was built. The Schauenburger ( called at the Weser later Schaumburg ) ruled the County of Schaumburg (from 1807 Principality ) and Holstein - Pinneberg.

After the extinction of Schaumburg 1640 ( the other lines in Holstein Been to 1459 extinct), the county was divided Schaumburg and the County of Holstein - Pinneberg was the now upgraded from a county to the Duchy of Holstein Duchy affiliated. From the northern third of the county Rantzau was formed in 1650.

Count of Holstein - Pinneberg

The following counts ruled over Schaumburg and Holstein - Pinneberg: