Horizon Nuclear Power

Horizon Nuclear Power is a company founded in 2009 by the Japanese company Hitachi Group, based in Gloucester, England. The company's goal is the construction and operation of nuclear power plants in the UK.


Great Britain changed its energy policy to 2006 and was planning to double its nuclear power capacity of 10.7 GW so far on the long term about 19 GW ( details here).

Horizon Nuclear Power, was both indirectly founded in 2009 as a joint venture of the German energy group RWE and E.ON on its British subsidiary.

The company Electricité de France (EdF ), Horizon Nuclear Power and NuGeneration could bid at eight different locations building sites. Horizon Nuclear Power secured building land for an extension at the sites of existing nuclear power plants Wylfa in Wales and Oldbury in the West Midlands. In October 2011 HNP paid the equivalent of 230 million euros for this area.

At the site Wylfa either three or four EPR AP1000 ( Westinghouse ) should be built in Oldbury two EPR ​​or AP1000 three. The start of construction at Wylfa was forecast for 2015, in Oldbury in 2017 or later. The new plans at all eight sites were approved by the Parliament of the United Kingdom on 18 July 2011.

In July 2011 it was announced that EON and RWE covered the nuclear power plant construction. Billion investment as in the case of Horizon, the auszahlten to take many years to be to convey to investors currently own any more. After the phase out nuclear power in Germany in 2011 (triggered by the Fukushima nuclear disaster (from March 2011) ), the financial position of the two power companies had deteriorated.

RWE and E.ON announced in March 2012 announced that they withdraw from the consortium and are looking for a buyer for the company. Plans for new power plants in the UK are therefore not pursued by RWE and E.ON. On October 30, 2012 it was announced that the Japanese company Hitachi Horizon will take over for 696 million pounds sterling. The acquisition was completed on 26 November 2012.