HP Enterprise Services

EDS ( since August 2008 EDS, an HP company, from September 23, 2009 HP Enterprise Services, originally an abbreviation for Electronic Data Systems Corporation) was founded in 1962, active in around 60 countries worldwide companies for outsourcing services headquartered in Plano, Texas. The core business of EDS includes outsourcing of information technology (IT), Business Process Outsourcing Services and IT Transformation Services. In Germany in 2006 EDS employed about 3500 employees 118,000 employees worldwide. The EDS Germany GmbH has its headquarters in Dusseldorf.

With sales of 21.3 billion U.S. dollars for the fiscal year 2006 was EDS No. 111 on the list of Global 500 companies. EDS has more than 35,000 customers worldwide from business and public administrations.

EDS was on the stock exchanges in New York ( NYSE: EDS) and London stock exchanges and has the IATA airline code 1Y.

2008 EDS was sold to Hewlett -Packard, where he initially under the old name continued ( with the suffix " an HP company " ) and is now fully with the old company service area by HP as " HP Enterprise Services " succeeds in this company.


The company was founded in 1962 by Ross Perot. This was first employees at IBM and belonged there among the best sellers. IBM wanted his idea of ​​computing capacities for rent, hear nothing, then Perot resigned and tried his luck on his own. EDS is thus considered first IT services company in the world and as the founder of outsourcing.

1984 EDS was acquired by General Motors and thus established itself in some European countries in which the company was not previously present (including Germany, Sweden and Belgium by the local works of Opel and Saab). Ross Perot remained until 1987 CEO of the company, but was then replaced due to differences in management by Les Alberthal. This remained until 1999, in office.

In 1995, the consulting firm was A.T. Kearney assumed that 2006, however, following a management buyout again made ​​itself independent of EDS. 1996 EDS itself was again independent of General Motors.

Albert neck was succeeded by Richard H. "Dick" Brown. In Brown's tenure, among others, the attacks of 11 September 2001. Due to the crisis triggered thereby especially in the airlines also EDS was severely affected. EDS broke up in May 2003 with a generous severance by Dick Brown. He was succeeded by Michael H. Jordan, who had renovated the U.S. media conglomerate CBS already in the 1990s. On September 1, 2007 Ronald A. Rittmeyer CEO (until 31 December 2008), which already supported Jordan in the reorganization. Jordan himself remained on the Board.

In a management buyout EDS sold in January 2006, the subsidiary AT Kearney.

To strengthen the off-shore activities in the IT and BPO business bought EDS in 2006, the Indian MphasiS BFL Limited.

On 13 May 2008 EDS was acquired by Hewlett -Packard for a total of $ 13.9 billion. Ron ride Meyer, who had initiated this sale, left on 31 December 2008, the company with a severance payment in the tens of millions.

September 2008 announced the parent company HP at the dismissal of 24,600 employees, of which 9330 in Europe and 1400 in Germany. The staff reduction could be designed in Germany after prolonged strike by voluntary termination agreements do too badly for the employees.

In August 2012, HP had to write off $ 8 billion of the value of EDS.

German branch

The largest German branch was located in Rüsselsheim, which was created by the local location of Opel. EDS had settled during his affiliation with the General Motors group, 1985 in Opel city and taken over all IT activities of Opel.

1992 bought the EDS Mathematical consulting and programming services ( mbp ), the first software company in Europe, founded in 1957.

Also in 1992, we acquired from gearbox manufacturer GETRAG industry data IDea in Ludwigsburg, which was come a location in the southwest of the Federal Republic.

In July 2001, following the acquisition of Systematics AG for 635 million euros in cash and shares, which had gone on the Neuer Markt in September 1999, is another main office in Hamburg.

The German subsidiary EDS Business Solutions GmbH organizes inter alia since early 2004 as a systems integrator hamburg.de the portal operation of communications platforms and Schleswig- holstein.de and six other municipal appearances in northern Lower Saxony; EDS also led in the past by already several projects in e-government for the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg.

In November 2006, EDS announced to relocate the headquarters of EDS Germany GmbH from Rüsselsheim to Dusseldorf. Trigger for this move was a contract with Vodafone on the acquisition of software development by Vodafone D2 by EDS.

In May 2007, EDS announced the acquisition of IT Karstadt Quelle AG. It led to the founding of the EDS Itellium GmbH with headquarters in Essen. Since Arcandor the expected savings may not be realized, the sale was rescinded in 2009.

The Rüsselsheim was the end of January 2014 closed.

Strike and downsizing

In April 2008, EDS closed the Dortmund location and consolidated employees in food.

On 6 October 2008 EDS and HP gave the breakdown of 1150, the 4200 EDS sites ( 27.3 %) known to the employees and the public. (HP 250 of 8500, 2.9%).

Since at EDS, these plans were pursued undeterred, even though this division had contributed significantly to the tight adherence to the projected financial results of HP (FAZ February 21, 2009 ) and the targeted reduction numbers at HP, plus an announcement of global salary cuts, were more than doubled, came there from February 2009 to a total of four strikes of the workforce at EDS operation Services GmbH, inter alia, with actions at the gates of the parent company HP in Boeblingen and at the computer fair CeBIT in Hannover. After a successful strike vote ( 91.9 %) began an indefinite strike first on 4 June 2009 After five weeks on strike occurred on July 2, a result of the negotiations, a compromise between the works council, trade unions and management to adoption of which union membership in the second ballot on 14 July 2009 with 50.03% agreed. The compromise includes, inter alia, the capping of termination numbers and a volunteer program.

The closure in Rüsselsheim 1100 people are affected.

Subsidiaries / joint ventures

  • A.T. Kearney - a management consulting firm - was sold in January 2006,
  • ExcellerateHRO - a personnel outsourcing joint venture with Towers Perrin
  • Injazat Data Systems - a joint venture with Mubadala Development Company
  • MphasiS - a 100% subsidiary in India
  • EDS Mid - market Solutions GmbH - Solutions for SMEs
  • SOLCORP - a software company
  • UGS Corporation - a provider of software and services for product lifecycle management, was sold to an investor group in March 2004 and since then has been self-employed. Since January 2007, UGS is part of the Siemens AG.
  • Wendover - Financial Services
  • Itellium Systems & Services, the consulting firm for the trade - a joint venture with the former 100 % subsidiary of Karstadt Quelle AG