Airline codes

The IATA code for airlines - also known as a two -letter codes (english two letter codes) - awarded by the International Air Transport Association (IATA ) as a result of Resolution 762 and consist of a combination of two letters and / or numbers. You can find, especially - but not exclusively - on the issue of tickets (English ticketing ) and passenger information systems application and form the first two digits of a flight number ( for example, FR 439 ).

Due to the relatively small number of possible combinations (36 × 36 = 1296 ) were assigned several times many codes throughout history. Similarly, codes are often assigned twice, but only if the respective airlines have different areas of operation. ( for example, the U.S. regional airline Skyway Airlines and Belarussian freight company Trans Avia Export, both AL)

In older airlines often leads to confusion between the IATA code and ICAO code, as both were double digits until 1987. Before this time it was not possible to distinguish and ICAO IATA codes codes from each other. When one made ​​before 1987 joined an airline in the Association, IATA, their double-digit ICAO code was adopted unchanged as an IATA code.

The list given here includes both current and no longer in use are IATA codes. A society is specified twice, if she has used the same code under different names (such as Atlantic Coast Airlines and Independence Air):