Air Contractors

London, Paris, Glasgow

Air Contractors is an Irish airline headquartered in Dublin and based at Dublin Airport, which mainly leased their aircraft to other airlines or operates for them.


Air Contractors was founded in 1972 as AirBridge Carriers in East Midlands. In September 1992, the airline was renamed Hunting Cargo Airlines. The airline was by Compagnie Maritime Belge ( 51%) and Safair (49%) bought in June 1998, while the airline got its current name and moved its headquarters to Ireland. Air Contractors is a subsidiary of ACL Group, which offers also still leasing (BAC Support and leasing) and maintenance of aircraft (Air Contractors Engineering, formerly Aeroscot ).


Air Contractors flies mainly for post offices and parcel services (eg, FedEx and DHL) targets within Europe. Furthermore, let the planes fly abroad and therefore partly also in the Middle East or Africa. Since 2010, Air Contractors also flies charter flights to Europe, a new connection is eg Dublin -Salzburg, which is flown since 9 June 2010.

The airline operates hubs in London, Paris and Glasgow.


As of June 2013 the fleet of Air Contractors consists of 37 aircraft:

  • 04 ATR 42-500 (all leased to Czech Airlines )
  • 02 ATR 72-200 (one leased to Aer Arann and Czech Airlines )
  • 01 Boeing 737-300
  • 07 Airbus A300B4 -200F (1 operated for European Air Transport Leipzig, rest decommissioned)
  • 02 Airbus A300B4 - 600F ( operated for Air Hong Kong)
  • 06 ATR 42 -300F (5 operated for FedEx and 1 for Mistral Air)
  • 11 ATR 72 -200F (7 operated for FedEx)
  • 03 Boeing 737- 400F (two operated for European Air Transport Leipzig)
  • 01 Lockheed L- 100-30

Three additional Boeing 737-400 Currently are converted to freighters and then transferred.