Luftfahrtgesellschaft Walter

The aviation Walter mbH, short LGW is a German airline based in Dortmund. Today, it is closely connected with Air Berlin and leads for these regional and commuter flights.


Standalone operation since 1980

In 1980, the flight instructor Bernd Walter founded the airline Walter on the Dortmund- Wickede airport and established itself with the existing up to flight school after he himself was head of training of the former aviation school NRW. The young company has expanded the range of photographic and sightseeing flights as well as a coastal resort service to the German North Sea islands, which was operated only with Cessna U206 Stationair, and in 1988 with Britten- Norman BN -2 Islander.

With turboprop aircraft Cessna 404 Titan II and Dornier 228, which formed the backbone of the fleet since 1992, the LGW began after the reunification of Germany to fly to destinations in the new federal states. The connecting Dortmund to Erfurt was quickly followed by flights to different airports, including to Hannover, Paderborn / Lippstadt and Rostock, but since all were reinstated. Instead, the LGW took over routes that had given up other airlines such as Euro Wings, European Air Express and City -air Germany. In 2003, flew up to 50,000 passengers on scheduled flights.

Partnership with Air Berlin since 2007

A great change came into effect from 1 November 2007, when the airline Walter entered into a partnership with the second largest German airline Air Berlin. Through this partnership, the then flight plan changed. The destinations Dresden, Leipzig / Halle and Nuremberg LGW were abandoned, as well as later the feeder flights for Air Berlin from the airports of Hannover, Erfurt and Saarbrucken to Dusseldorf airport. Air Berlin took over the sale of tickets for LGW over the Internet, it could henceforth compounds from LGW and Air Berlin are booked on joint tickets. LGW was also co user of the topbonus frequent flyer program of Air Berlin.

On 28 September 2008, the scheduled services of the LGW from Dortmund to Stuttgart and Berlin- Tegel was adjusted for cost reasons. On October 12, the deletion of the connection between Dortmund and Westerland on Sylt followed.

On 26 March 2008, Air Berlin announced the purchase of ten Bombardier Dash 8Q -400 known that should be used in future by LGW for Air Berlin. On 9th November 2008, the machines were delivered successively replaced since Air Berlin Fokker 100 and LGW Dornier 228

On 14 January 2009 until today last scheduled flight LGW took place under his own name from the North Sea island of Sylt to Dusseldorf. Since then, the company in scheduled service flying exclusively in the name and on behalf of Air Berlin.

In April 2013 LGW undertook, as part of restructuring within the Air Berlin Group, three Embraer 190 NIKI. Unlike other plans, which provided for a first acquisition of additional machines of the type, the machines were returned after the end of the summer timetable 2013 in November 2013 to NIKI.


LGW operated under his own name since the 1980s, mainly from their home base at Dortmund Airport from several destinations within Germany, such as Sylt with Dornier Do 228 Since 2009 LGW offers under their own name no more scheduled flights to and since then are exclusively regional and supra-regional feeder flights for Air Berlin carried out under their names, flight numbers and brand image, for example to and from Berlin and Dusseldorf.


As of November 2013, the fleet of the airline Walter consists of ten aircraft: