German Cargo

The German Cargo Services GmbH, Brand name German Cargo, was a German cargo charter airline, and 100 per cent subsidiary of Deutsche Lufthansa AG.


In the 1970s, Lufthansa was because of the time still valid IATA restrictions only to a limited part in the rising freight business. Competitors, such as Cargolux, IATA did not belong to. For this reason, Lufthansa reclassified a portion of their cargo business, namely full and part charter, in 1977 and founded a subsidiary to the German Cargo Services GmbH. In April 1977, they took to flight operations with a Boeing 707. In the following years the fleet had grown to four 707. These were gradually replaced by five Douglas DC8 -73. For 13 years 8 formed the DC the backbone of the German Cargo.

In addition to classic full charter flights German Cargo flew numerous routes in regular service, especially to East Africa or the Middle East. They transported it to the part quality cargoes, such as charter with satellite TV transmission technology, live animals ( including even a project with 1.3 billion fly larvae for the FAO from Mexico to Libya).

The aircraft D- and D- ADUO ADUC were partly used for horse transport worldwide. For this purpose a so-called " Pferdekit " in the rear part of the cabin has been installed. There the horse companions could stop them. This Pferdekit offered in addition to a storage space for the Catering a passenger compartment. For example, a customer ordered a regular DC -8 flights to transport polo ponies from Argentina to South East Asia.

The D- ADUC was temporarily used as a normal passenger plane in Condor. For this application, the aircraft was equipped with the appropriate cabin are the only 250 passengers offered space. These inserts were each in - instead of the summer period - weak for the freight business. Due to the lack of passenger acceptance and the relatively poor technical reliability these missions, however, were terminated after two scheduling periods.

In 1990, the airline also a Boeing 747. Also, two Boeing 737s were added. 1993 German Cargo Services was renamed Lufthansa Cargo Airlines and took over the operation of all Lufthansa freighter. Today the German Cargo Services, later Lufthansa Cargo Airlines GmbH lives on in the Lufthansa Cargo and Lufthansa Cargo Charter Agency GmbH, the Group's own and other aircraft operators marketed worldwide for charter operations.

However, old roots exist today: The so-called document prefix ( the number that identifies the company on the airway bill ), is the old 020 the German Cargo ( Lufthansa had 220); the first newly founded Lufthansa Cargo AG had the shell company of German Cargo Services GmbH accept in order to avoid necessary for flight operations lengthy approval process. Also the ICAO shortcut GEC of German Cargo is still used by Lufthansa Cargo.

The last DC-8- 73 of the former German Cargo D- ADUE the Lufthansa Group left mid-1997. ADUE The D was the only aircraft that was also used in full Lufthansa Cargo colors. Four of the five DC 8-73 were sold to Aerolease International.


The Historic fleet included:

  • 4 Boeing 707- 330C (D - ABUA, D- Abu, D- Abui, D- Abuo )
  • 3 Boeing 737-200 (D - COMPLETED, D- ABHE, TF - ABT)
  • 3 Boeing 747 -200B (D - ABYT, D- ABYW, D- ABYY )
  • 5 McDonnell Douglas DC 8-73 (D - ADUA, D- ADUC, D- ADUE, D- adui, D- ADUO )