Air Hamburg

The Air Hamburg Air Transport mbH is a German charter airline based in Hamburg and based on the Hamburg airport. Takes you through scenic flights over Hamburg and under the name Air Hamburg Private Jets Europe business aviation. In addition, it operates more businesses in the aviation field.


Since 2001, the two young entrepreneurs Floris Helmers and Alexander Lipsky operate the flight school in Hamburg, which has since been expanded to pilot school. In 2005 was first expanded under the brand Air Hamburg with one-and two-engined airplanes are round and island flights in scheduled service. The island flight plan has continued to expand, including in addition to Sylt goals as Heligoland, Juist and Norderney. The regular flights were discontinued in October 2012.

Due to increasingly frequent charter requests the Air Hamburg Private Jets brand was founded stationed at Hamburg Airport.


Air Hamburg is made up as a complete supplier of the following seven divisions:

Air Hamburg Air Taxi

With our own fleet, consisting of two twin-engine aircraft of the type Britten- Norman Islander, as well as several brand new Cessna 172, Air Hamburg contributed earlier every day from the airfield Uetersen or alternatively from Hamburg Airport from the North and Baltic islands in scheduled service. Since May 2010 Sylt, Helgoland and Juist were served daily in line Flight with a Britten- Norman Islander exclusively from Hamburg and continue to be conducted need flights to Baltic and North Sea islands. The last scheduled flight was discontinued in October 2012. Since then, this part of the business operates under the name Air Hamburg Air Taxi and is available for charter flights.

Air Hamburg Private Jets

As part of the Europe-wide business and leisure travel traffic operates Air Hamburg Private Jets several business aircraft of the Cessna Citation. These jets can be chartered for trips to Europe.

Air Hamburg Executive Handling

Air Hamburg Executive Handling is the newest division of Air Hamburg and was established in July 2010. Main task is to complete clearance of flights, general aviation with up to 19 passengers.

Flight School Hamburg

In the Hamburg flight school you can complete a training course according to the guidelines of JAR- FCL. The flight school is recognized by the Federal Aviation training institute (FTO ), which forms both private, commercial and airline pilots.

Café skywriter

Right next to the General Aviation Terminal of the airport Hamburg Hamburg Air operates the café skywriter. It is used as a waiting lounge for passengers, as a public restaurant and for the manufacturing of catering.

Air Hamburg Events

Air Hamburg events organized aircraft - related events such as " weddings above the clouds ."


Jet4Sale deals with the sale of aircraft.


As of December 2013, the fleet of Air Hamburg or Air Hamburg Private Jets and Flight School in Hamburg consists of the following aircraft: