Dauair ( dauair AG) was a German regional airline based in Lübeck and based on the Dortmund airport. Your flight operations took place between 18 April 2005 and 16 August 2006.


The company was founded in 2003 by experts in aviation, Dipl. -Ing. Hans -Jörg Dau, founded. On 18 April 2005, the first flight was conducted. Were used last three turboprop Saab 340B and two leased by FLM Aviation smaller turboprop Fairchild Metro. The 19-seat Fairchild Metro were used to pay less busy routes Dortmund-Berlin/Tempelhof, Stuttgart- poses and Paderborn / Lippstadt and Stuttgart.

The Luftfahrt -Bundesamt had the dauair AG suspended on August 9, 2006, the authorization as carriers because the company had not established the legal requirements .. Supposedly dauair the pilot's license was revoked due to financial problems, but was contradicted by dauair An appeal of the Company the Administrative Court on 10 August was successful and flight permission was initially granted again. Even before the court could decide again which dauair AG had filed the application for the opening of insolvency proceedings at the District Court on 16 August 2006, on this day of the flight has ceased operations. The insolvency proceedings were opened on 1 November 2006.


Several times a day the route Dortmund -Berlin- Tempelhof was served. Dortmund poses followed on 25 April 2005. Since September 2005, the Dortmund- Zurich routes, Paderborn, Stuttgart completed the flight offer. Since January 2006, were flown from Rostock / Laage Munich, Cologne and Dortmund. Other compounds, including to Heringsdorf ( from Dortmund and Münster / Osnabrück) and Sarmellek (of Dortmund and Leipzig / Halle ) at Lake Balaton were the 2006 summer schedule included. These seasonal links to the primary tourist destinations were carried out in cooperation with tour operators. Another line connection offered on the relation Stuttgart poses since the end of March 2006.


Last updated on 16 August 2006 before the air operation:

  • 2 Fairchild Metro (operated by FLM Aviation )
  • 3 Saab 340B