Berline (airline)

Berline was a German airline based in Berlin and based at the airport Berlin- Schönefeld. It was founded by former employees of Inter Flight and also took part, their old aircraft.


Following the liquidation of the Inter- flight by a decision of the Trust dated 7 February 1991, pilots and staff joined together the IL-18 Squadron and took over in the spring of some machines of this type. They founded the IL -18 AIR CARGO. The company was private, partly with money from the social plan, financed by the staff. On November 1, 1991, the company renamed in Berline. CEO were Wolfgang and Reinhard Krauss little boy. Owners were Mr. Krauss, little boy and Kühn.

In 1993 came the fleet added two Fokker 100, which had been operated as a lease aircraft from TAT with French ID of Berline- pilot.

Despite his own words good order situation, a cost-recovery operation could not be reached. In the spring of 1994, the Company's liabilities amounted to ten million DM Due to the financial situation Berline reported on 31 March 1994 for the first time filed for bankruptcy. This could be averted shortly after two new investors were found. However, a capital increase through this was not made. Instead, the debt of the company doubled to October 1994 to 20 million DM, of which five million DM of outstanding wage claims and social security amounts for the AOK Brandenburg. Another creditor was Lufthansa. The final bankruptcy of the Company on 28 October 1994.


Berline was operating in the charter, demand and freight air traffic. First, the company flew with the transferred IL- 18 of the Inter flight. There, for example, UN missions to Cyprus, Croatia, special transport services for oil companies in the CIS, flights for sports clubs, for car manufacturers as well as animal transport in the Urals have been performed. The tourist traffic in the classic holiday regions was rising sharply. Here, the company flew to South East Europe (Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria), North Africa (Tunisia, Egypt) and in different regions of the Iberian Peninsula and the Canary Islands.


The following aircraft were at the Berline in use:

  • Ilyushin Il- 18 D- AOAO (ex DDR -STF the interflight )
  • Ilyushin IL- 18 D- AOAP (ex GDR STI the interflight )
  • Ilyushin IL- 18 D- AOAs (ex DDR -STM the interflight )
  • Ilyushin IL- 18 D- AOAU (ex DDR -STO the interflight )
  • Ilyushin IL- 18 D- AOAQ (ex DDR -STP the interflight )
  • Fokker 100 F - giov ( from TAT leased)
  • Fokker 100 F - Giox ( from TAT leased)