European Air Express

The European Air Express aviation GmbH & Co. KG (short EAE) was a German regional airline based in Mönchengladbach and based on the airfield Mönchengladbach.


The foundation of the company took place in December 1998 after the announcement of the British airline Debonair Airways, which adjust from Mönchengladbach Airport operated flight to Munich. The former Germany manager of Debonair Airways, Peter Hauptvogel Jr., then founded the EAE and led the connection Mönchengladbach - Munich from February 8, 1999 with a rented by the Dutch Denim Air Fokker 50 continued. In the summer of 1999 EAE served shortly the route Mönchengladbach - Westerland. On 11 October 1999 EAE took over the connection Mönchengladbach - another, previously serviced by Debonair Airways route London.

After EAE had received their own operating license, the company built on its own operations and introduced in April 2000, two ATR 42-300 46sitzige in service. The airline was planning to open many more new connections from Mönchengladbach Airport, including to Hamburg, Nuremberg and Berlin. These plans were not realized.

The announced in September 2001 partial takeover of Germany's largest regional airline Euro Wings by Lufthansa did not result in EAE new business that led the strategic development of EAE realignment: Lufthansa and Euro Wings had on antitrust grounds to give up some of their domestic routes. These routes introduced to the market took over EAE. As of October 2001, the compounds were Dortmund - Munich and Paderborn / Lippstadt - Munich, Münster / Osnabrück from March 2002 - Stuttgart and Dortmund - Stuttgart newly served by EAE. From the Euro Wings came not only these new routes to EAE, but also five ATR 42-300 turboprop aircraft as well as the previous Euro Wings board member Ulrich Sigmann. Company founder Peter Hauptvogel Jr. EAE had left at the end of 2000.

This development was accompanied by the reduction of activities at Mönchengladbach Airport. There was first the connection to London, later also abandoned after Munich. As of 2002, EAE also increasingly engaged at Cologne / Bonn Airport. From there, since various destinations were served, including Kiel, Breslau, Posen, Geneva and Nuremberg.

In 2006, the activities of EAE were on the locations Münster / Osnabrück ( four routes ) and Cologne / Bonn concentrated ( two routes). Former manager of 90 employees was Ulrich Sigmann, management, reservation and your own yard was still at Mönchengladbach Airport.

On 31 July 2007 EAE adjusted the regular service, and September 30, 2007, the company was dissolved.


By the end of July 2007 EAE combined daily Cologne / Bonn to Geneva, Nuremberg and Münster / Osnabrück airport, Amsterdam, Stuttgart and Zurich.


  • 5 ATR 42-300 (registration D- BCRQ, D- BCRR, D- BCRS, D- and D- BCRT BJJJ )
  • 2 Fairchild Metro (registration D- CNAY and D- CSWF )