Augsburg Airways

Harald Poeschke

Augsburg Airways was a German airline based in Hallbergmoos and based on the Munich airport. It led up to and including October 26, 2013 under the brand Lufthansa Regional flights on behalf of Lufthansa and its own charter flights.


Founding and first years

Was founded the airline in 1981. At that time, she worked as a charter airline for the work of air traffic of paper company Haindl under the name " Interot Airservice " in Augsburg. It was to have company internal flights between Dusseldorf and Augsburg. Incidentally, certain business family Haindl Augsburg until 2004, the fortunes of the airline.

In 1986, a second important step of the charter airline to a regional airline, because this year took the Interot Airservice with a Beechcraft King Air 200 regular flights operating between Augsburg and Dusseldorf on. This step was supplemented in 1989: This year, the Federal Ministry of Transport the Augsburg-based company granted recognition as a regional airline. Interot Airservice now flew from Augsburg daily scheduled air service to Dusseldorf, Hamburg, Cologne / Bonn and Berlin -Tempelhof. For use nine - and 19 - seater machines came from the Beechcraft? .

On the route Augsburg - Berlin sets the air line in 1990 for the first time a turboprop type Dash 8-100 from the Canadian manufacturer Bombardier. New connections follow: 1992 Dresden and Leipzig were added, followed in 1994, a first international scheduled flight to Florence. 1995 Interot is officially a member of IATA ( International Air Transport Association ) and the Augsburg airport thereby received the 3 -letter code and Conditions has been listed under the Metropolitan Code MUC Munich.

Cooperation with Lufthansa

The following year, the regional airline is with " Augsburg Airways " a new name and the winter timetable 1996/97, the line became a member of " Team Lufthansa ". 1997 takes the Lufthansa Augsburg Airways on in the frequent flyer bonus program " Miles & More". Augsburg Airways flew now also three times daily from Augsburg to Frankfurt and took the route Munich service - to Paderborn.

The extension of scheduled flights between 1997 and 1999 leads to an increase in the fleet from four to twelve Dash 8 turboprops and the first order jets of the type Dash 8- Q400. In 2000, the regional airline carried almost a million passengers ( 972 228 ). Thus, the development opportunities at Augsburg airport were exhausted, so we took a move to Munich in the eye.

Prior to the implementation of this plan Augsburg Airways, however, had yet to survive a turbulent phase, since mid May 2001 the family sold the paper company Haindl their competitors to the Finnish UPM -Kymmene? . The Haindl family then retained the airline, but the airline came in 2002 in an economic crisis, which is why we reduced the staff by a quarter, leased four of the 16 machines, flight connections closed down and the Managing Director auswechselte. As a result, the company recovered. Maybe because you then your own flight operations in Augsburg, but in addition also in Bayreuth? stopped and Munich, was appointed as the new home base of the company in order to develop the company further.

2003 Augsburg Airways began to fly under LH flight numbers on behalf of Lufthansa. In the following years there were several changes of ownership. 2004 bought Gerd Brandecker, shareholders of Cirrus Group, Augsburg Airways. Cirrus Airlines and Augsburg Airways but continued to operate completely independently. In 2007 it came to the majority holding of ATON GmbH with the main shareholder Dr. Lutz Helmig at the Cirrus Group and Augsburg Airways. A year later, the ATON GmbH was the sole shareholder of Augsburg Airways. In 2009, one a Dash 8- Q400 for Brussels Airlines from Hannover to Brussels and studied the Dash 8- Q300, because they no longer met the naval policy of Lufthansa. 2010 Augsburg Airways flew five regional jets, Embraer 195, Embraer 190 and a Dash 8- Q400 nine. In the following years we modernized the fleet continuously.

After the Lufthansa had terminated its cooperation with Augsburg Airways, the airline closed in February 2013 with the Swiss Air a wet-lease agreement for a route between Germany and Switzerland. By April 2013, stationed in Augsburg Airways, a Bombardier Q400 in Nuremberg to fly four times a day to Zurich.

Suspension of operations

On 26 October 2012, Lufthansa announced that the collaboration with Augsburg Airways was terminated by winter schedule 2013 with effect from 27 October 2013.

Without this main job for almost the entire fleet was used, placed Augsburg Airways flight operations 31 October 2013. The eight Bombardier and Embraer, two machines owned by the Company are available for sale, the five Embraer 195 were transferred to Lufthansa CityLine. For employees who already have some new employments found a severance arrangement has been agreed.

On October 26, Augsburg Airways was adopted after the last scheduled flight at Munich airport by the staff. On October 28, the Bombardier fleet and Embraer was transferred to Maastricht and a farewell formation fly over a Dash - 8Q400 and the Embraer 190 was in Munich still performed.


Last for Lufthansa Regional 36 German domestic and European destinations, including Paris, Warsaw, Amsterdam, Tirana, Pula, Brussels, Turin and Bremen were operated by Augsburg Airways from Munich airport. In addition, charter flights under his own name were offered. In the summer flight schedule 2013 Augsburg Airways also put a machine in the wet lease for Swiss.


As of October 2013, the fleet consisted of 15 planes Augsburg Airways with an average age of 7.7 years:

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