Hamburg Airways

Hamburg Airways (actually HHA Hamburg Airways Aviation mbH ) is a German airline based in Hamburg and based on the Hamburg airport. In addition to charter flights it operates also in the line of traffic.


Hamburg Airways was founded in December 2010 and emerged as the successor company of the insolvent Hamburg International. On 28 March 2011 the Federal Aviation Office granted the airline 's operating license. The first flight took place on 30 March 2011 on the route from Hannover to Aqaba.

Early 2012 had to Hamburg Airways to replace their newly introduced logo again, there was a complaint from Cathay Pacific because of the similarity with their logo.

In May 2012, Hamburg Airways received its fourth aircraft (D - AHHD ), this was taken over by Thomas Cook Airlines. In the same month, the Company performed the audit for IOSA IATA and received on 25 June 2012, the corresponding certificate. At the same time received her fifth Hamburg Airways aircraft (D - ahhe ) but which left the fleet again in November. In May 2013, another Airbus A320 (D - AHHF ) was eingeflottet.


Hamburg Airways operates regularly by charter flights to holiday destinations in Europe, Eurasia, the Middle East and North Africa. In the spring of 2013 Hamburg Airways flew example temporarily for REWE Touristik / ITS at the Palma de Mallorca airport from Kassel- Calden. There are also scheduled flights such as to Kiev. In addition, the fleet can also be chartered for other occasions.


As of March 2014, the fleet of Hamburg Airways consists of three planes:

  • 3 Airbus A320 -200, each with 180 seats