LTU International

LTU International Airways ( air carrier) was a German airline based in Dusseldorf and based on the Dusseldorf airport. It was acquired in 2007 by Air Berlin, which ceased to use the brand LTU in summer 2009 and henceforth let all flights under the Air Berlin brand perform. With the integration in the Air Operator Certificate of Air Berlin in April 2011 LTU was finally resolved.


Founding and first years

The LTU was founded on October 20, 1955 under the name "Air Transport Union " in Frankfurt am Main. ( In early 1955, the LTU Lufttransport Union was founded by the Englishman Bernard G. Dromgoole. However, in order to obtain a German operating license, the German contractor Kurt Conle from Mülheim an der Ruhr was brought in as new shareholders, who today often mistakenly referred to as company founder will. )

The first flight took place on 2 March 1956 and led by Frankfurt in the Sicilian city of Catania. Passenger numbers were in the first years after all, already a few hundred per year. The fleet then consisted of several Vickers Viking aircraft.

These have included:

  • D- ADAM Vickers 610 Viking 1B - bought on 28 December 1955 by BEA (G- AIVD ), sold in July 1957 Balair (HB- AAR)
  • D-ABEL/BALI Vickers Viking 1B 610 - bought on 28 December 1955 by First Air Trading ( G- AIVI ), sold on February 4, 1961 starting accident in Dusseldorf / Germany
  • D-ABIR/BONA Vickers Viking 1B 610 - bought on 28 December 1955 by Overseas Aviation (G- AIVJ ), sold on 28 April 1958 Aviameer (OO - EEN)
  • D- AGID Vickers 610 Viking 1B - bought on 13 February 1957 by Aero Express ( D- CABO ), sales failed
  • D-AMOR/BABY Vickers Viking Mk 2 610 - bought on 13 February 1957 by Dragon Airways ( G- AOCH ) sold on August 15, 1963 Air Ferry ( G- AOCH )
  • D-AIDA/BETA Vickers 610 Viking 1A - bought on 10 April 1957 by Eagle Aviation (G- AGRR ), sold on 14 April 1958 Aero Transport Flight Operations AG (OE - FAT)

In 1956, the Air Transport Union called then " LTU " (air transportation companies ) in order to prevent Namensverwechselung with the same company. Since 1 January 1960, the company's headquarters in Dusseldorf. CEO were E. J. Ahrens and Wolfgang Krauss. LTU operation later three Fokker Friendship, one of which was the initial purchase of this type of aircraft with the registration D - BAKI. Furthermore, we flew a De Havilland DH104 Dove, within the meaning of traditional customs for the company occurs on air shows today. Between 1957 and 1960, was also used a Bristol 170 and 1958 to 1960 a total of two Douglas DC- fourth

LTU in the Jet Age

The first jet aircraft was the line of Finnair Sud Aviation Caravelle III coming, and 1970, the Fokker F-28 Fellowship, a short-range transport aircraft ( 65 passengers ) by the Dutch aircraft manufacturer Fokker. The Caravelle III was replaced by the Caravelle 10R 1968. Since 1969, only jets were used. These aircraft were soon to be replaced by the Lockheed L -1011 TriStar. The first wide-body aircraft of this type was delivered on 29 May 1973 LTU. This was followed by Boeing 757, Boeing 767 and McDonnell Douglas MD -11 TriJet. From 1992 to 1993 sat LTU a leased from Evergreen Boeing 747- 212B, which flew among other previously for Singapore Airlines and Pan Am, to bridge delays in deliveries of the MD-11. 1995 began with the conversion of the entire fleet to Airbus.

Expansion in the 1980s

As early as 1964 it was working with " Transair LTU " as a tour operator. This was followed by the self- creation " Meier 's World Travels" (1980 ) - was named after Norbert Meier, former station manager of the " Air France " ( 1967/68? ) At Düsseldorf Airport as the new Managing Director of " Meier 's world travels " - as well as the acquisitions of " tjaereborg " ( 1981), " Jahn Reisen " (1986), " Marlboro Travel " and " THR Tours" (again, led in later Norbert Meier again directed ). These go in 1996 under the umbrella of the newly founded " LTU Touristik GmbH" together, but are managed as an independent brand. In 1984, the "Air Transport South " (LTS ) is founded, later renamed " LTU Süd". LTU Süd in Munich include three Boeing 757 with 597 seats together. In 1987, the Spanish subsidiary LTE is in Mallorca - Air transport Espana founded. " LTC - Air Transport Catering" goes into operation at Dusseldorf Airport from 1988. Until the late 1980s, the family Conle was the sole contractor of the airline. 1989 WestLB has been sold a 34 per cent share in the company.

Development in the 1990s

1998 were 61% of the founding family Conle, 32 % of WestLB and 5% of Graebner family. In 2000, the family Conle he finally retired from the business. Owner was the LoMa mbH from Cologne, a 100 percent subsidiary of Rewe-Zentral eG The Swiss SAirGroup then took over 49.9 percent of the LTU share. Following the bankruptcy of Swissair in October 2001, Rewe Group acquired the shares, in addition to already own 40 percent. % Share - Due to financial difficulties LTU Düsseldorf law firm Metzeler van Betteray fiduciary to 49.9 managed. Rewe sought, unsuccessfully, for a new investor for the airline.

Recent history since 2000

In 2001, the company slipped, partly as a result of the insolvency of SAirGroup and the decline in passenger numbers after the terrorist attacks of 11 September 2001, into the red zone and could only by a state guarantee, which was acquired by the firm, to be saved.

On 17 February 2006, the intro mbH was (then principal owner of dba ) its stake in LTU known. The main owner of the intro Hans Rudolf Wöhrl had acquired in trust 49.9 percent and 10.1 percent more of the Cologne corporation CKA. In March 2006 Wöhrl gave his majority stake off again by selling parts to the LTU management. After that were 24 percent for the Speaker of the LTU Management Jürgen Marbach, 36 percent of Hans Rudolf Wöhrl and 40 percent at Rewe. On 1 June 2006 Rewe gave her 40 - % stake from the company. Wöhrl temporarily increased its interest to 76 percent, but they were partly to Jürgen Marbach, spokesman for the LTU Board, from. The LTU parent company LoMa - mbH had belonged to 55% of the Management Company Intro GmbH from Nuremberg by Hans Rudolf Wöhrl and to 45 % of the " Marbach participation and Consulting GmbH " (MIC ) of sea Busch Jürgen Marbach.

On their way away from the charter flyer towards the line carrier LTU changed from April 2007 her appearance. The somewhat dated, although red was retained, but the color white dominated the new LTU livery.

Takeover by Air Berlin

Air Berlin PLC & Co. KG announced in March 2007 on the acquisition of LTU. The transaction was subject to approval by the Federal Cartel Office. The license was granted early August 2007 without conditions. The total purchase price amounted including the assumption of debt of 200 million euros to 340 million euros. The single-aisle aircraft were gradually painted in the colors of Air Berlin, whereas the wide-body aircraft continued to operate under the name of LTU. This was later softened thereby, that all scheduled flights under the brand Air Berlin carried out and only the remote tourist routes were operated under the name of LTU.

The end of February, 2008, Jürgen Marbach LTU - down management. He wanted the LTU continue as a consultant and project manager.

Air Berlin announced in July 2008 that the LTU brand will no longer be used, what was until the summer of 2009, implemented - the company operates since the outer appearance solely on behalf of and as part of Air Berlin. The remaining aircraft were gradually repainted, also the independent website of the LTU no longer exists.

On April 1, 2011, the working relationship of the entire LTU staff transfer of operations to the Air Berlin Plc were. passed over. In addition, immediately used for all flights flown only the Air Operator Certificate Air Berlin. LTU is thus resolved effectively.


After the takeover by Air Berlin LTU operated on wet lease process various routes in the flight plan of Air Berlin, where the name LTU for the customer only by a small sticker " operated by LTU " on some, but not visible to all aircraft was. All long-haul destinations were served exclusively by LTU since these ETOPS rights possessed and thus was allowed to fly on certain additional intercontinental routes. This long-haul aircraft of type Airbus A330 -200 and -300 were used. After the dissolution of the LTU remaining aircraft were taken over by Air Berlin.


Prior to the acquisition in the fleet and the AOC of Air Berlin 's fleet consisted with LTU of February 2011 of 24 aircraft with an average age of 8.8 years:

All aircraft were operated solely in the name and brand identity of the parent company Air Berlin. As of April 2011 no more aircraft to LTU are registered.

On the aircraft now disappeared, the term " LTU ". Four of the A330 -200 with the identifications D- ALPA to D - ALPD contributed to May 2009, a mixed solution in which combined the color scheme of Air Berlin with words " LTU " sides and on the tail and " " on the lower side of the fuselage was now wearing all machines the current painting and the name of Air Berlin. The last plane with the classic LTU livery left the Dusseldorf airport on 16 August 2009, when it flew for repainting after Abu Dhabi.


  • On June 28, 1991 in Dusseldorf burned a Lockheed L -1011 TriStar LTU ( Registration: D - AERI ) during the cleaning after maintenance work. There were no fatalities or injuries, but the aircraft was completely destroyed.