Air Commerz

Air Commerz was a German charter airline. The official home base of the company was Dusseldorf. Mostly, however, stretches from Hamburg were served.


Air Commerz was founded in early 1970 by private investors in Hamburg. In March 1970, the company has a Vickers Viscount 808C acquired from the collections of the Irish Aer Lingus, which the company started flight operations in June 1970. A second machine of this type was adopted in August 1970. Air Commerz could not win a leading tourism company as a customer. Instead, the company flew mainly occasional services (Ad - hoc charter) for smaller tour operators and offered outside the school holidays special flights for guest workers in their home countries. In addition, the Vickers Viscount was also used for international freight transport. Although the economic basis was not backed up by the lack of long-term charter contracts, Air Commerz took over on 24 March and 9 May 1971 respectively a used Boeing 707- 138B of the standard U.S. Airways. The elderly machines were from 1959 and were originally delivered to the Australian airline Qantas. The first charter flight with a Boeing 707 took place in June 1971 from Hamburg to Reims. Mostly the machines were used on flights to Turkey. In addition, Air Commerz a Boeing 707 could briefly rent Merpati Nusantara Airlines to the Indonesian.

The acquisition of high-maintenance jet aircraft exacerbated the already tense financial situation of the company and prevented its economic recovery. From 1 September 1972, a Boeing 707 was held in Dublin, because the company an executed Aer Lingus repair could not pay. The lack of aircraft utilization, the sum of the current liabilities and the fruitless search for new investors meant that operations on September 4, 1972 had to be adjusted. Air Commerz was liquidated in January 1973.

Used aircraft

  • Vickers Viscount 808C (D - ADAM, D- ADAN )
  • Boeing 707- 138B (D - ADAP, D- ADAQ )

The two Vickers Viscount were returned to the Aer Lingus in September 1972 due to still existing claims. The remaining in Dusseldorf Boeing 707 ( D- ADAQ ) was returned to the lessor American Frederick B. Ayer & Associates, Inc. in January 1973. The intercalated in Dublin Boeing 707 ( D- ADAP ) was sold on August 8, 1973, to the same leasing company.