Jetair (Germany)

The Jetair was domiciled at the airport Munich -Riem German charter airline which ceased operations in 1985.


The Jetair Aviation Administration mbH was founded on 26 January 1982 in Munich. The original plan called for the inclusion of charter flights with three used Boeing 737 at the beginning of the summer season 1983. This goal could not be realized due to lack of funding. In spring 1984, the company converted into a public limited company. The IPO brought the necessary capital for a Boeing 727-100 from Air Panama International to acquire. The aircraft was transferred in May 1984 to Brussels and there adapted to the needs of society. As in June 1984 was still present no approval of the Federal German Ministry of Transport, the aircraft was first registered in Belgium and briefly operated by the airline Sobelair. In October 1984 Jetair received the German approval, and took on the charter flight operations from Munich -Riem airport. For the proposed purchase of a second Boeing 727 lacked the financial resources. Instead, another Boeing 727-100 leased from the American airline Air 1 in the spring of 1985. The machine came from the April 12, 1985 for the duration of the summer season for use. Recovery of costs, flight operations was not achieved. By the fall, the economic situation of the company had deteriorated to the extent that Jetair in December was forced to declare bankruptcy in 1985.

Used aircraft

  • Boeing 727-100