Aero Flight

The Aero Flight GmbH & Co. KG aviation was a German airline based in Oberursel.


On 26 February 2004, the Aero Lloyd Flug GmbH, a subsidiary of Aero Lloyd, in the Aero Flight GmbH & Co. KG was converted aviation. Following the bankruptcy of Aero Lloyd Aero Flight in October 2003 took over 300 employees and flight operations. Founder of Aero Flight were Bogomír Gradisnik, miso Aksmanovic and Gerhard Walter.

In July 2005, Aero Flight Airline was a partner of the Bundesliga football club Eintracht Frankfurt and had an Airbus A320 -200 with the registration D - ARFE painted with the lettering and the red eagle of concord. So you wanted to, inter alia, effective advertising the football team fly to more distant away games, for which it no longer came from the following insolvency. The aircraft was then repainted again.

On 31 October 2005, the Federal Aviation Authority announced that the operating license for Aero Flight was initially not renewed. The basic economic reasons were given, Aero Flight has not demonstrated the necessary legal requirements. Thus, the airline could not carry passengers, mail or cargo more from 1 November 2005. Takeover negotiations with the Investment Company Ltd. CS. and the Icelandic Avion Group failed for the time being. November 25, 2005 Aero Flight has filed for insolvency vd height at Amtsgericht Bad Homburg.


The Aero Flight did not have sufficient capital resources for the holding of the winter timetable 2005/ 06. The Luftfahrt -Bundesamt had come in the examination of financial circumstances to the conclusion that a renewed operating license without the grant further funding can not be granted. The Investment Company Ltd. CS. under the direction of Victor Tsopa (Vice President of Air Moldova, former transport minister of Moldova ) occurred in October surprise on as a new investor. It seemed at first as if the company saved it. However, it turned out that Tsopa had no financial resources and despite efforts was not able to contribute the necessary financial means. By public announcements Tsopas to change the business model of the airline and the future lease only aircraft broke the Aero Flight as a result the entire winter flight business away. The contract with Tsopa was made by the former owners of Aero Flight after three weeks reversed and a new investor, the Icelandic Avion Group, came from this week. However, the takeover negotiations with the Avion Group failed for lack of timely commitment of a member of the Aero Flight. Other investors were not financially strong enough or not willing to invest in the airline.

The Icelandic Avion Group took over the insolvent Aero Flight under a new AOC and started operations in the summer of 2006 under the name Star XL back on; latter changed its name up to and including the summer of 2012 under its new name, XL Airways Germany. On December 27, 2012 but had to file for bankruptcy with the District Court of Darmstadt also this airline.


The company led by charter, scheduled and special flights. The focus was on the so-called " ethnic traffic ": About a third of the passengers were migrant workers with their families, who flew with the airline in their home.


The fleet of Aero Flight was up to the attitude of flight operations from six machines:

  • 4 Airbus A320 -200
  • 2 Airbus A321 -200