Cessna Citation II

In the Citation II (Model 550) is a twin-engine business jet from the American manufacturer Cessna, which belongs to the family of aircraft Citation. It was produced from 1978 to 1994. A distinction between the variants Citation II, Citation S / II and Citation II / SP. The successor was the Citation Bravo.


The Cessna Citation II is extended by 1.14 meters version of the Cessna Citation I. It was introduced in 1976 and completed its first flight on January 31, 1977, which in March 1978 was followed by the approval by the FAA. In addition to touring aircraft types also exist as measuring, photo, research and ambulance aircraft. The Citation II / SP (Model 551 ) was a version for single- pilot operation, may therefore be flown by a pilot. In contrast to the Citation I, the Citation II is equipped with Pratt & Whitney JT15D -4, which afford 1.3 kN more thrust. In addition, they also received a greater range and increased fuel capacity.

The T- 47A (Model 552) was a modified version of the Citation II as a training aircraft for the U.S. Navy. It 15 pieces were procured, which, however, all burned up on a on 20 July 1993 as part of a hangar fire at the airport Topeka -Forbes Field ( Kansas).

In October 1983, the Cessna Citation S / II was announced. In contrast to the Citation II of the hull is aerodynamic and equipped with new engines. She flew on 14 February 1984 for the first time and was approved for single- pilot operation and delivered from the end of 1984. At the same time the production of the Citation II was set from 1985 but resumed. By 1994, more than 730 aircraft were produced and delivered.

1997, all versions of the Citation II were replaced by the Citation Bravo. Equipped with Pratt & Whitney PW530A engines flew the model on April 25, 1995 for the first time and got the approval a year later. Until the market version in September 2006 337 Cessna Citation Bravo were produced and delivered.

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  • United States Navy


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  • On February 14, 2010, a Cessna Citation Bravo near Reinhardt -Schöna accident in Saxony. In the crash, the two pilots were killed and destroyed the aircraft. Cause of the crash was initiated by the co-pilot role, in which the crew has lost spatial orientation.